Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 9: Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

I had a few best friends during secondary school. And did I tell you I attended 3 secondary schools?

My first secondary school was in Kota Bharu and my best friend was a Chinese girl named Kah Mun. She was the one who introduced me to Sweet Valley series books - you know there's a bunch of 'em; Sweet Valley Middle School, Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University. I introduced her to Manchester United of course, I mean she sat besides me in class and my table was graced with pictures and posters of Manchester United player, how could she resist that? Hehe. She even wrote to David Beckham back then when he was not yet famous and she got a reply with David Beckham pic and autograph. We had our ups and downs of course, once she caught me talking bad things about her online when I accidentally sent the wrong message to her. But everything goes well and we made up. I left that school when Form 4 just started and she also left that school to attend nearby Chinese school and from then on we just lost contact.

After that, I move to another school nearby and got another set of friends but can you believe horrible me cannot even remember any of my friends' names from that school! By the way I only went schooling there for 3 months since we have to move back to PJ after that.

This was the group of friends during school #2. But I cannot even remember their names! Can you recognise which one is moi?

At PJ, I met Nita who was in the same class as me. We gossiped together, hang out, went to KRU concerts and 98 Degrees' concert, we shared our love for Butterfingers (eh ke sebenarnya saya je yang suka? haha), she once followed me to go back to my kampung, I went to prom with her and everything also together lah! I had a boyfriend back then and everytime I wanted to go out with him, I usually said to my parents I'm going out with Nita. That's what best friends are for kan. Haha. Anyway we went our separate ways during university time because we went to different uni and somehow drifted away and rarely contact each other. Last time I saw her was during a wedding of our mutual friend. It's not that I don't have her on Facebook or anything, but I don't know.. it's been so long and we just drifted away in our own lives.

Hopefully I'll be invited to her wedding though! Haha. Those best friends during my secondary school years are a few someones that I don't want to let go.

Me looking blurry (not wearing tudung lah at the time so hafta blur lah!), Liyana (who just visited me a few weeks ago) and Nita

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Liyana said...

wah...masih ada simpan ini gambara...aku nye ktne confirm kalau korek blk byk masa 98 degrees tu kn?ingt lg,eden tak dpt pass tu,boli kt jo ann...i still have the cd(yg pass) tu la

Liyana said...

btw...nape idungku nmpk lebih kembang dalam gambar ni?huhuhuhu

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