Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 8: Someone who made my life hell, or treated me like shit

I don't want to name names but I guess lots of people know who is this person who has make my working life a living hell. You can guess who is the person and you are most probably right, but here's the hint : she is in the same office as me. I'm so bloody creative today that I specially created the A to Z that best described this person who made my life hell, and treated me like shit:

Control freak
Drama queen
Fickle minded/ Fussy
Grandmother (yes, she's as old as a grandmother)
Healthy freak
Ignorance idiot
Jackass of all trades (meaning according to the urban dictionary: A person who very hard to work with and a f***-up at almost anything, but thinks he is good. Tends to be vocal but never about his own ability to seemingly always f*** things up)
Lady boss
VIP (Vomit Inducing Person)
WTF (anybody who work under her usually give this WTF look and I wonder whether she realise it)
Xanax (I would recommend her to take xanax for those anxiety that she's suffering)
Yes ma'am (everybody around her is expected to agree with her)
Zero tolerance

How do I stand her face everyday at the office? I smile, I do my job and I ignore her. Oh and I remember once she called me 'not very happening' too because I spend my weekend going out with my kids or just spending time with my family at home. But it's ok. I hope someday you get what you deserve and you suffer just the way you have make us suffer.

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pizlimw said...


supermummy said...

apa sengih-sengih pizli.nnt aku letak nama kau utk entry yg ni bari tau.haha.

Liza said...

i so look forward to this topic tomorrow, byk bende nak tulis nie..hahaha

supermummy said...

liza, wah siapakah mangsanya tu..hahah

Liyana said...

i believe there's always one b**** anywhere :)

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