Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3: Something that I have to forgive myself for

Something that I have to forgive myself for happened a few years ago. I was still not married yet and was dead bored doing my day job that time. Ok, let's just say at that time I was frantically looking for other job because I was kinda demotivated and need a breath of fresh air desperately.

Anyway I got this interview at Bank Negara to be a curator which honestly I myself don't know why would they need a curator there because I thought curator only works at museum or art gallery. I was psyched of course so I did a little bit of background homework on Bank Negara a little bit to prepare myself for the interview.

The interview went kinda okay lah and I thought I did mediocrely but somehow I scrapped through to the second interview. I was really dead nervous for the second interview and there were around 10 candidates at that time, and I was the last one.

When they called me in, I got up and went into the interview room. There were like nearly 10 panels there looking at me expectantly. After a bit of 'tell me more about yourself' question they ask me something about Macromedia Flash. But guess what was my answer?


Yep, I answered nothing and was doing my muka senyum kambing and blushing furiously. I don't even know why I suddenly freezed and my brain stopped working. My brain must hate working at Bank Negara.

I remember the patronizing and disgusted look that those panels keep giving me and well, if my brain stopped working suddenly in the middle of interview, what am I supposed to do? Haha. Anyway the interview went by quite fast around 10 minutes or so and as expected, I don't get the job.

It's not the fact that I don't get a job at Bank Negara that is so hard for me to forgive. But it was the fact that I can't answer the damn question. After exiting from the interview my brain suddenly popped up with lots of answers that I can't even think during that interview. But then maybe Allah has other plan for me and it's kinda blessing in disguise though it's kinda embarassing.

By the way, I would like to thank friends, families and strangers who have been wishing me happy birthday. It's my last year in my 20s and I was kinda dreading turning the big 3-0! Since I got married, usually we take a trip somewhere to celebrate my birthday but I guess this year is spent at home with another bundle of joy. So thank you all for the love, prayers and wishes!

Last year's birthday trip was to Langkawi and we had a super awesome time!

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Liza said...

thanks so much for introducing me to the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I started with Day One today, wish me luck!

supermummy said...

liza, ur most welcome! good luck! i anggap konon2 ni mcm theraphy untuk diri sendiri, dah kadang2 pening jugak fikir nak tulis apa.haha

pizlimw said...

Aku dulu pergi interview dekat University Islam Kerajaan. Aku dah masuk dah office tu, tengok sekeliling lepas tu aku blah.. Tak interview pun sebab aku yakin kalau aku dapat kerja situ aku mesti tak boleh campur punya dengan orang-orang kat situ. Hehe..

supermummy said...

pizli, eh aku ingat kau pernah cite pasal tu..kehkeh. aku teringat gak dulu penah dapat satu keje apa tah, verbally aku accept kerja tu, tp lepas tu aku reject tanpa ckp kat dia.haha. dia call byk kali aku tak angkat, sbbnya time tu aku dah dpt kerja masa kat damansara utama tu la. ni keje lepas tinggalkan imu tersayang.heheh

siti said...

hahaha..mmg kelakar.

Maya Ariffin said...

Dear i planned to do the challange on the very first day i read it at ur blog.. tapi till now tak start2 lagik.. huk huk huk..

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