Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 2: Something that I love about myself

I can not swear, really. Some people can swear like sailor, throwing profanities everywhere, but the worst word that I usually say is either bodoh or bangang. But then those are always said good naturedly and I don't know why but I very rarely said that very word that rhymes with 'barbie' .

If you ask me what's something that I love about myself, it's that I can't swear and rarely swear. I once met a guy who actually say the f-word in every sentences that he said. He doesn't mean it in a bad way, but I guess it's just a habit to mutter everything with the f-word. My swear words usually rotate between bodoh, bangang, or tahi and those swear words are definite no-no around the kids or at home. Usually I said that while I was driving alone or if it's something revolves around my boss (bless her, hope she does not read this.haha)

So what's your swear words? By the way I found this article about vicar urging churchgoers to swear more, which I think kind of ironic especially when Kourtney Kardashian herself is trying to find way to avoid cursing around her baby Mason. What do ya think?

Oh by the way, I am so rajin and in the midst of revamping the long neglected Supermummy Fab Links. If you have blogs or online shops, feel free to leave a comment there so we can exchange links. And you must also realise that I have included the option to advertise in this blog and Supermummy Fab Links too. Well, what can I say - harga minyak dah naik kan. Hahaha.

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Liza said...

i think that's what i love about myself as well, cause i don't know how to swear, wanted to try but tak terucap....

Jard The Great said...

nak join the 30 day challenge.. hehehe.. got it from liza's blog. interesting!

supermummy said...

liza, takpe swear dalam hati je..kehkeh

jard, good luck for the 30 days challenge!

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