Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 15 : Something or someone I couldn’t live without, because I’ve tried living without it.

I cannot live without my handphone. I think most of you out there will be the same like me. Ok, make that not just any handphone, but a functional 3G phone.

My first handphone was a Nokia 3210 that I bought at Sungei Wang when I was 19. I still think it's one of the toughest phone because clumsy me always dropped my phone everywhere and that Nokia 3210 even fell off from the top bunk of my double decker bed a few times and it usually function just fine after that.

My first handphone in the same exact colour. Dulu suka sangat main game Snake dalam phone ni! Sekarang kalau pakai phone ni mesti orang kagum atau kena kutuk. Kihkih.

I got my first 3G phone last year when I bought myself a Nokia Xpress Music. Kinda late to the party I know, since everybody have been using 3G phone since ages. Haha. But really, before last year I just don't think I ever need a 3G handphone. I mean if I want to surf the internet, there's always pc at home and I rarely make video calls anyway, as long as I can call and sms it will suits me fine.

GPS-ing in Langkawi last year

But of course once I get my hands on my 3G handphone suddenly I feel I can't live without it. I heart the GPS because I'm just hopeless when it comes to direction, love the fact that I can surf internet anywhere in the house or anywhere with wi fi connection, I actually read books thru my phone and downloaded a few books in pdf file so I can read it anywhere, the camera is only 3.2megapixels but it's a whole lot better than my previous VGA camera phone.

This year I bought a laptop but somehow I keep finding myself using my handphone a lot more to surf internet ( reason is because I can lie down on the bed while surfing internet..pemalas kan? haha). Nowadays I can breastfeed Almira while lying down on the tilam while Facebooking on the phone. Best kan? Kehkeh.

But if you ask me who's that someone that I can't live without of course the answer would be Husayn and Almira. By the way Husayn accidentally fell down and got cut on his lips again today. This is the third or fourth time I think he got himself cut in the same place but different incidents of course. Kesian anak omak. Ish ish.

Menangis sampai tertidur.

2 superstars:

Liza said...

i hope Husayn is feeling better, boys will always be boys....

supermummy said...

yep..he's ok now tapi tula kalau orang nasihat ke ckp ke buat tatau je..eiii..

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