Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 14: A hero that has let me down

Procrastinating is my middle name and I've been putting this post on draft for days now! Not that the draft has anything in it except the title. Haha. I guess that's how difficult it is to think about this post.

So who's that hero that has let me down? Honestly I can't think of any except my football heroes. Haha. Yea, I'm lame like that. One of my favourite football hero of all time is Eric Cantona. I've been quite a football fan for many many years (since primary school actually but can't remember what age though). So here's my letter to Monsieur Cantona since it's kinda required for this post.

Dear Monsieur Cantona,

I really miss you. Haven't see you in footie pitch for a long time. Did you know one of the reason I started to love Manchester United is you? It was the 93/94 season and let's just admit that up to your arrival from Leeds in 1992, Manchester United is kinda crappy. I remember when I was 13, I started adorning my bedroom with your poster, beaming with pride everytime you score goals and always in awe when you go all eccentric especially with your quotes and penchants for painting and anything artsy. You, to me was the coolest footballer ever. Really, you still are.

Oh and who can forget that proud face with upturned collar and no 7 jersey? Forget Cristiano Ronaldo, I still think no one wears that jersey better than you did. You had a volatile temper with unforgettable swagger but combine that with the fact that you are one brilliant player, no wonder they nicknamed you King Eric.

The defining moment of hating or loving you was of course when you kung fu kicked a spectator during the 94/95 season. I felt disappointed at that time, not because you kung fu kicked somebody - because I think that guy really deserved it the way he was hurling abuse at you, but my disappointment was because you being banned for 8 months cost Manchester United the title.

Kicking that idiot at Selhurst Park and Eric Cantona actually quote this: "My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but the one I prefer is when I kicked the hooligan. "

Ironically despite being banned, you stayed, and hey do I remember that first comeback match after being ban for 8 months, that match against Liverpool. It was like a breath of relief seeing you on the pitch, like my heart would burst seeing you wearing that red shirt again. I even have it written in my diary to prove it just because I was all mushy mushy like that. Haha.

It was 1997 when you suddenly decided you wanted to retire. You were only 30 years old and I guess that was the only time you has let me down. I mean you were only 30, and I watched Ryan Giggs played last night and that guy is practically ancient since he's turning 37 this year! I guess the fact that you has never won the European title with Manchester United did disappoint me and if you actually played until you were 32, you would have won the treble in 1999 and lift that precious European Cup. I wonder if you do feel any regret in settling for early retirement.

But I guess all I want to say is thank you Eric for being such an inspiration. It has been so long since I read these phrases printed in the media, but here it is - Ooohh..aaahh..Cantona!

Sorely missed but never forgotten, no Ronaldos or Beckhams of the world will ever measure what you did with that no 7 jersey. Good luck with you acting career and hey, they even made a film about you nowadays!

Hope I get to see the above movie soon!

My favourite Cantona goal - against Liverpool in FA Cup Final 1996

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