Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 13: A band or artist that has gotten me through some tough ass days

I could never write only one band has gotten me through tough ass days. I guess it's a few bands for me since I got so many tough ass days that I can't even remember. Hehe. And I'm supposed to write a letter for the artist or the band in this entry? Ok here goes:

Dear Wings (yes I mean Wings as in Kumpulan Wings yang ada Awie, Joe Wings semua tu),
One of my earliest tough ass days was when I was in Standard 2 which means 8 years old la. I've never told this to anybody but I hated going to school that time, especially since I have to go to afternoon session school. I don't know why I hated school, but I remember I really want to grow up fast that time and I somehow thought that Standard 6 kids are kinda cool. But I have your Hukum Karma album that I played the whole cassette front and back everyday, everytime before I go to school. Because Taman Rashidah Utama got me in good mood, Intanku Kesepian have my name in it and Joe Wings look so delicious (I was 8 and I thought he's so handsome! Haha) school is actually much more bearable. So I guess, thank you!

Cover album yang memang sampai sekarang tidak boleh dilupakan

Dear Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis,
I was 14 or 15 and I was so much into British Music because I bought so many Smash Hits magazine and I really heart Oasis. I don't know if I want to categorise myself one rebellious teenager back then, but I really hope I don't need to deal with my daughter doing the same perangai when she turns into a teenager one day. Anyway What's The Story Morning Glory is my favourite Oasis album and Roll With it is my let's kick ass song and I remember humming those lyrics:
You gotta roll with it

You gotta take your time
You gotta say what you say
Don't let anybody get in your way
'Cause it's all too much for me to take

It's funny because everytime I listen to those words I think nothing can beats me down and believe me, I had lots of issues when I was a teenager and can be moody at times. Thank goodness I have outgrown that phase!

Dear Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam,
You don't have any idea how you got me through lots of tough times. It's ok if you don't have to be there physically, your voice and your music makes me stronger in facing bleaker times. I remember having a 'misunderstanding' with husband once, and I go all Pearl Jam-esque mode to sort of whisk the sadness away. Your wailing in that song Black is just heartbreaking and the words Nothing left, nothing there..Nothing there, nothing here in Unthought Known brought meanings that are too deep to understand. Listening to you doesn't make the problems go away, but I guess I deal with the problems better. So thank you.

Honestly it's really hard for me to pinpoint some of these bands because there are still lots of bands that I listen during some of the definitive times in my life - Butterfingers, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead , Muse, Padi, Sheila on 7, Bush, Blur, The Killers , and lots lots more. Oh and one of my favourite bands, Sigur Ros also sing in Icelandish which I can't even understand the language, but the music is ethereally beautiful and heartbreaking. I absolutely love heartbreaking and melancholic music for some reason that I can't understand.

Tapi sebenarnya Justin Bieber pon saya layan je..Haha. Shhh.

Here's Glosoli by Sigur Ros. Even the video clip is absolutely stunning!

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Roppol said...

wei aku pon layan justin bieber! pegi karoke nyanyi lagu baby 2 round... sebenarnye nk lebih tapi joe conquer remote dgn mic... hehe

supermummy said...

pol, aku dulu mula2 kutuk justin beiber. sekali tu aku kantoikan fisyar download lagu baby tu kat dalam ipod.hahaha.lepas tu aku pulak yg asyik nyanyi2 lagu tu.hahaha. tak malu sbb sblm tu kutuk2.

pizlimw said...

I really hope I don't need to deal with my daughter doing the same perangai when she turns into a teenager one day. - :-)

supermummy said...

haha aku mcm dah boleh bayangkan betapa tensennya aku kalau dia buat perangai mcm aku.kihkih. jadi2 harap dijauhkan. kena berperangai seperti si manis.kehkeh.

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