Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 12: Something I never get compliments on

I said before that I will write this 30 days thing everyday but real life got the better of me (it's more like laziness actually!) and here I am writing this two days late.

Something that I have never get compliments on have got to be my driving skills! I got my driving license before I turned 18 but it took me 10 freaking years to really drive. I only drive automatic transmission cars because I suck at driving manual car. The last time I tried driving a manual car I nearly hit a divider near my house and my dad has verbally restraint me from ever going near his car again.

Ok but worry not, since I got myself a car last year I think I drive extremely fine especially for someone who has not drive for 10 years. Good thing I only have to drive for work from PJ to Jalan Duta which is not that bad in terms of traffic. Husayn is the only person who I regularly drive with, my sisters have tumpang-ed me one or two times kot, my parents -never, and Husband well there was one time I drive the car with him inside and I absolutely hate having him inside the car because he keep nagging at me - the way I drive tak betullah, everything also tak betullah.Haha.

As for accidents, I had two minor ones that I myself caused - one when I was reversing in front of the house, I actually hit my dad's Pajero but luckily the damage is really really super teeny weeny minor, and then another was when I tried to reverse in my office's parking lot and managed to grazed the tiang instead. Dented until now, but dented yang kecil kecilan saja. Haha. Got another accident actually but that one there was this one idiot who hit the back of the car during rainy days.

I haven't been driving since I was 7 months pregnant and we haven't decide yet whether I'll continue driving to work after this. Anyway I still think I'm a good driver.

So, ada siapa siapa nak tumpang tak? Ada berani ka! Haha.

This was last year.Eh baru perasan sama gambar dengan header. Memang saja je nak tunjuk skill memandu yang hebat.Haha.

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Liza said...

i can't drive a manual car too, tried and enjin asik mati kat traffic light...stress!!!

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