Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 6: Something I hope I never have to do

If there's something I hope I never have to do, it's wearing girdle.

I have never wear a girdle in my life until last week. I got myself a girdle which covers right under the boobies until my thigh. The first time I tried to wear it I thought "habislah..macam tak muat je!" but after much tarik here and there, it miraculously fit. Well, the girdle that I bought is not as expensive as those Premium Beautiful but still money is scarce nowadays and if I am spending my money on something, I have to make sure it really is worth it!

This girdle is supposed to come with FIR or something though honestly I am quite clueless what the heck is FIR. I just wear girdle because I want to have a flatter tummy and mean lean thighs demmit! Did I tell you to wear the girdle will make me sweat in buckets and panting my breath because I have to pull and tug just to make sure the girdle fit snugly? Sometimes I even jump around like a madman to make sure the girdle pass through my butt. Haha.

Wearing girdle is one of the most torturous thing in my life that I have done and really, I'd rather go jogging around Tasik Kelana Jaya for 3,4, 5 rounds than wearing girdle. At least I won't have any problem taking off the girdle everytime I have to rush to the loo.

Why am I wearing this girdle again? I just want a bloody flat tummy and well, maybe I am just born masochistic. Go figure. Oh yeah, now I understand why people buy expensive girdle and then end up with throwing the girdle in their closet frustratedly.

Pants only girdle is torturous enough, to wear a full body girdle would be my worst nightmare!

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