Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm so free I actually proof read Coach Malaysia website

I was lazy and baby is asleep while Husayn was playing with his toys when I accidentally click on Coach Malaysia website. And when I said Coach Malaysia, I really mean Coach the home of gorgeous handbags!

Anyway did you know that they have the Malay language in Coach Malaysia website? I thought it was kinda unusual since international brands rarely have their website translated into Malay. But honestly I think it's better to stick to English especially if the Malay words read like the below:

"Amanda Seyfried dengan beg zip atas Kristin"
When I first read this one I thought Amanda Seyfried is standing with a zip bag on top of someone named Kristin? Maybe I am so densed but something with that sentence is kinda off.

"Terletak di tengah tengah kawasan fesyen Shanghai, kedai ini menawarkan pakaian yang ditandakan dengan tangan yang eksklusif untuk lelaki dan wanita, koleksi edisi terhad dan Star Tote yang direka bentuk oleh selebriti"
What does the phrase "pakaian yang ditandakan dengan tangan" means? Oh and if you are wondering the English version of this one, it's actually "..exclusive, hand-numbered pieces for men and women".

"Koleksi Madison adalah contoh klasik dari kerajinan Pelatih dan high"
Ok, really I don't exactly understand the above sentence. What do they mean by "Pelatih" and "high"? I switched to the English version and it actually reads like this : The Madison collection is a classic example of Coach craft and quality. So does this means Coach craft = Pelatih?

Like I said earlier, it's better to stick to the English version. Or if they really have to write in Malay maybe they can do something like the Eh! or InTrend magazine. Those two are fashion magazines, yet the Malay is much much better despite all those fashion terms and lingos.

By the way the people at Coach Malaysia should check the typo errors too since there are quite a number of them and it makes me cringe. Maybe because I work in publications and been doing lots of proof reading, but then despite the horrible translation to Malay I still love those gorgeous Coach handbags!

By the way if you realise, under the Berita & Maklumat link, there is a sublink named Kilihat. What on earth is Kilihat really?

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Nia said...

hehe,..interesting vocabulary. maybe they are doing some direct translation there.

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okinokiyo said...

wah wah wah ibuk dalam pantang ni..rajin yer spoof read website lawak giler lah plak..alih2 coach jadik pelatih. :p sengal giler.

supermummy said...

ha tula. i think pun direct translationn sebab macam pelik sangat ayat-ayatnya

mai ni namanya dah takde kerja sangat..tapi tu la,coach ni beg je mahal tapi ayat2 dalam bm dia mcm lawak.kehkeh

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