Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not the only who said that Sarah Jessica Parker resembles a horse

My 23 year old sister and I were watching Channel E! on Astro when they have this feature on Sex and the City. I wasn't really concentrating on tv since I was breastfeeding Almira when suddenly my sister muttered "Tak paham lah kenapa orang suka sangat Sex and the City ni. Acik tengok macam tak best pun.."

To which I replied back "Entahlah, agaknya orang suka tengok fesyen pelakon dia kot. Eh tapi perasan tak muka Sarah Jessica Parker ni macam kuda?"

By the way I'm not the only who said that Sarah Jessica Parker resembles a horse. If you don't believe me go google "Sarah Jessica Parker horse". Ah, the world is so cruel sometimes!

Berguling-guling my sister gelak. But really, if not for the gorgeous clothes and those Manolos how do you think Sarah Jessica Parker will look?

Anyway after her laughing fit my sister said "Acik lagi suka Gossip Girl. Fesyen dia pun lagi cantik kot.." Oh well, of course she likes Gossip Girls better since it fits the demographic. I mean why on earth my sister would prefer to watch 50 something year old Kim Cattrall seducing younger man?

As for me, I only live by Grey's Anatomy, after all that show have McDreamy! I'd say forget Mr Big, get yourself drown in McDreamy's eyes instead.
Doktor paling seksi di dunia!

If McDreamy is not good enough, they also have McSteamy! Barulah yummy! Ok somehow everything rhymes but really, why do you all like Sex and the City so much?

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AisYah said...

I never like SATC. suka Desperate Housewives aje. Never feel bored tengok berulang ulang kali. Hihihi

twoplusoneandmore said...

i pun pelik camner org boleh kata dia lawa ek. biaser jer. maybe pandai bergaya. tp ni 1st time i dengar org samakan dia ngan kuda. hehehe..

Liza said...

i like them for one reason and one reason only...for the shoes....

Lina Rahim said...

I like their shoes and handbags...only.

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