Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giving birth at government hospital is not that bad

When I made the decision to give birth at government hospital, I narrowed down my choices to three hospitals, Sungai Buloh hospital, Selayang hospital and University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC/ PPUM) . At first I was terrified and wondered whether I made the right choice. I mean I heard so much stories about government hospital that I think most of the stories are not so good ones. But then, at the same time I don't want to end up like my first birth with Husayn where I spent nearly RM6k for the hospital bill alone.

Anyway PPUM was my third choice actually out of the 3, but somehow I gave birth there. During the labour process, the nurses were very helpful in giving me tips and guides, and they all dah macam pom pom girls la pulak kasi semangat..haha. There were 3 doctors who attended me and if I am not wrong, 2 of them are doctor pelatih but they have been so supportive during those painful moments I feel like giving them a hug. Heheh. Oh and those 3 were all women so no need to malu-malu. Like I mention in my previous post, PPUM don't allow husband to be inside the labour room, so if you want your husband with you, it's better to go to Selayang hospital.

The hospital food is also ok lah since I managed to eat all that, but then I am no fussy eater. Most of the time at PPUM, all this young pelatih doctors will check on you, but the one who check on me only came alone, though they have different ones. I know this sounds stupid, but I did imagine that all this doktor pelatih will check on me in groups and even seluk my private part ramai-ramai ke apa, but thankfully that never happen.

Oh ya, if before this at private hospital, you have a choice whether the baby will be in the nursery or with you and the nurses will bathe the baby and everything. But at government hospital you have to do everything by yourself. You have to clean the baby, clean yourself, and if your baby is down with jaundice like mine and have to be under the light all the time, you have to take care of that too. Kesian my baby have to sleep under the light for three days, wearing this headgear which actually looks like sarung buah. My 7 year old cousin came over, saw my baby and asked me "along..kenapa baby pakai sarung buah epal kat kepala dia" Hahah.

Almira dan sarung buah epalnya

Mula-mula sedih tengok dia macam ni, tapi lama-lama tu rasa macam kelakar pulak. Tengok dah macam gaya Rihanna pun ada. Kehkeh.

The best sleeping position for Almira under the light because this is the only position that she will sleep peacefully.

All in all, giving birth at PPUM has been some kind of an eye opener for me since I have never been admitted into a government hospital before. It's not perfect, but as long as you are not that fussy and follow whatever the nurses said, you'll be fine. There was this one Vietnamese woman in front of me who only speaks Chinese and Vietnam language I guess and she does not speak any BM or English at all. Some of the nurses were complaining amd giving her disgruntled faces because she doesn't understand a thing, but then she always keep a straight face. So if she can survive that, so can you and I!

By the way, the actual bill for my 4 days and 3 nights stay at the hospital was RM600++, but since I am a government servant, husband only paid RM15. Now can go shopping for baby Almira and buy all those gorgeous tops and dresses! Weeeee...

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Arin said...

bila delivered my 2nd one kat government hosp, mmg an eye opener to me too. sblm ni asik negative thinking. tp as u said, ikut ckp nurse, jgn fussy ..insya allah semua ok.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

intan I pun bersalin kat situ (PPUM)...mmg kalau fikir balik mmg kelakarlah sebab masa bersalin ramai gila nurse dan dr. pelatih...I siap dr lelaki tu ajar cara teran dan siap bg arahan bila nak push so on...dia siap ckp puan kalau tak nak jahit ikut arahan saya ya...hoho ended-up tak yah jahit heheh..anyway congrats ya

pizlimw said...

Yes, government hospital bagus.. conclusion aku, banyak yang kita baca kat internet tu bukan sebab hospital tak bagus.. tapi diaorang yang mengada².

Maya Ariffin said...

U shud try hospital besar klang.. larrriikkk! hua hua hua!... i was tocolised for 4days during my 8th month of 1st pregnancy. Kuar je opistal.. "Abang, if no choice and had to beranak kat gomen... please please please send me to hosp. Banting or Putrajaya or PPUM huhuhu" Owang nak kate mengada pun terpulang lah.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah my Aidid selamat lahir kat Hosp Bersalin Razif Norana.

Eh chup! lupa la....Grats!

Nurul said...

congrat for ur new born princess..I never had any bad experience with gov hospital from my first son till now. Hosp favourite kami adalah Kajang hosp. walaupun hospital lama tapi servicenya sungguh memuaskan hati.

ropol said...

mmg stylo sarong kepala tu!!!

HaLiMaTuN SaAdIaH said...

my opinion..sebenarnya bergantung pada nasib..bole??? kalo kena nasib baik, alhamdulillah, dapat service baik, kalo tak..huhu hoho la.. saya sendiri bersalin 1st time kat hosp putrajaya..service masa in labour was good tapi sebab saya ada background medical byk yg questionable lah. hahahha.. tp service post natal, kat wad..especially at night was quite horror..hahaha..

noor said...

hehhe...congrats again k.intan...aisay...cite pasal bersalin nie teringt la plk kesakitannye jugak yea.. :P

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