Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1: Something that I hate about myself

Hey ya, today is day 1 for 30 Days of Truth where I am supposed to write bits and pieces about myself. Today topic? Something that I hate about myself.

I can write countless things that I hate about myself. I hate my thunder thighs, I hate my not-so-patience tendencies, I hate when I get mad I tend to cry and I hate that I am one forgetful person. Honestly if I list down one by one the things that I hate about myself, I might go pengsan due to depression, oh make that post partum depression since I'm currently in my confinement.

But the most thing that I hate about myself is I cry. And I cry a lot. Which I think is kind of annoying when husband pick me up 30 minutes late from the office for example, the tear is threatening to roll easily.

Gosh, I think my tear ducts might be bocor!

And then there was when husband has to go to Penang two weeks ago for 2 days and I go all ballistic with tears of course. I mean there are lots of wives out there who only meet their husbands once in a few weeks because they live separately due to work commitments and here pathetic old me being left by husband for only two days and already I cried myself to sleep. The funniest thing was Husayn tried to pujuk me by saying "mama janganla nangis" and then keep hugging me. Haha.

Oh did I tell you I cry while watching movies even though sometimes I don't think it's worth crying at all. I also cried when Manchester United lost their Premier League title, when I nearly give birth, in the labour room and after giving birth. I cried when I have to leave Sabah in the flight after a wonderful vacation there, I used to cry a few times at kedai mamak when husband and I used to fight during our bercinta days (ok ni memang muka tak malu kan!). I even cried for no reasons during my university days in front of my room mates.

I cried when Jack dies in Titanic, but hey don't we all?

I guess it started when I was young. I remember when I was in primary school I usually cried when the bus came a little bit late and when my parents are late picking me up at school.

Seriously I hate that I cry easily. Anybody knows any remedy to this? I think I should do a log book and log on everytime I cry and it would be funny laughing at myself. And writing about all this make me feel even more pathetic. Urgh!

p/s: I have done a little bit rearrangement and add up some stuff here and there. So no worry, you are still in the same blog.

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yatie chomeyl said...

oh dear,i pun sama mcm u..i can easily cry walaupun sbnrnya i bukanny anak nangis sgt. i setuju, kita unya ater duct dh bocor..ada ke plumber yg leh repair ni ? hehe

adianiez AIDA said...

aida memang senang giler nak nangis. citer yg sedih, memang aku la org pertama yg bergenang meleleh leleh! hingga nurin tegur, "nape ibu sedih tiba-tiba ni?"... dia masih tak faham ibu nyer nangis semata-mata kerana citer kat tv!!!!!

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