Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coping with Almira

I have to warn you today's entry is going to be full of Almira's photos.

She is a heavy sleeper and she only wakes up when she wants mama's milk. Good thing I gave birth naturally so I don't have any problem breastfeeding her even when I am lying down - so I can also sleep! Haha. By the way, the above is Husayn's baby romper. I am guilty of not buying my daughter any clothes - not yet anyway!

Oh forgot to tell you, my father and husband shaved Almira's hair on the 7th day of her birth. The above pic is the taken before her hair was being shaved off.

Someone asked me how is Husayn coping with his sister? Well, I admit he is kind of jealous but at the same time he keep kissing Almira's cheek. Anyway last night Husband has to moved Almira and she ended up sleeping besides my Husband since Husayn was merengek-ing to sleep besides me. Haih, mengada ngada tak? Hehe. Oh and apparently Husayn also cried more than Almira!

Having Almira also makes me realise that Husayn has grown up and becomes a big boy. A big boy who still wear his diapers apparently! But then blame it on me for being lazy to stop him from wearing diapers. At the babysitter's house Husayn actually has started not wearing 'em diapers. I also keep finding myself accidentally calling Husayn 'adik' despite him having a little sister already.

It is also cool to have an auntie who actually buy truck loads (ok just exaggerating here) of brand new clothes for Almira and a Nine West baby bag too! The above romper for example is courtesy of the said auntie. So thank you Nenek Ucuk for all those goodies!

As for myself, I am having a great time so far at home, away from the chaos that is my office and workload! Only thing that I am complaining is my grandmother is not here to urut me so I have to resort to Husband to urut me. I guess I have to find somebody to urut me if my grandmother won't be arriving any time soon. Anybody knows any good makcik urut in PJ or Kelana Jaya area?

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ropol said...

almira pipi die tu bam bam sgt... aku yakin lepas habis pantang ko mesti mabuk shopping baju mira + husayn!

pizlimw said...

Aku setuju dengan ropol.. Anak perempuan ni mak dia, eh bukan mak, sedara mara sekali boleh high dalam membelikan baju utk baby girl kita..

Liza said...

almira is such a cute baby, i don't mind having her photos all over this blog

fathinz md nor said...

beb, inlaw aku tukang urut. tapi kat klang. 20min je dari kj kalo ko rajin nak g. tapi series best aku puas ati. aku masa besalin first 3 tukang urut kat seremban sume fail. balik umah inlaw je baru sedap badan aku huhu.

Whitetulip Tales said...

salam. hi there..being a mother was such a wonderful moment indeed. Enjoy ur precious time with ur kids. Only mother know how that feel. Its really wonderful. One thing 4 sure u wont regret being a mother..believe me. Pls stay healthy, stay beautiful. Never forget 'berpantang' ok?

Suhaila said...

Lalat, aku dah lama tak baca blog ko ni...macam LAAAAAMA sangatla. lepas ko bgtau aku thru FB ko dah termeletop, aku pun terujalah nak menengok baby girl nye...BAM BAM sangat haha bak kata ropol la. lagi satu tahniah laa sebab ko masuk TV and kuar paper bagai semua tu aku idak ler tahu menahu. where have i been? i dunno...haha lepas ni aku akan support supermommy okay!

Dee said...

i know one in puchong..rasanya dia leh dtg rumah urut intan..emel me at sarina_ibrahim@yahoo.com if u want her phone number..

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