Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colourful poodle and cats galore at Pet World Malaysia

Hullo! Me, Husband and Husayn went to Pet World Malaysia and the place was packed with pets of course!

When we first arrived we saw this colourful poodle near the entrance. Yes it is really a poodle and it is alive. Don't know how the owner got to colour the poodle like that.

There were lots of cats and Husayn being a huge cat lover was excited of course!

Notice the 'love' mark on this cat? Adorable!

Dan ini pula adalah kucing gandik yang sangat sangat comel rasa nak cubit cubit dan tekan tekan dia.

The most garang looking cat the exhibition.

Husayn who never fails to put his hand inside the cat's crib everytime we come across one.

By the way the above rabbit is real and alive.

Honestly been meaning to post this one last Friday but somehow the baby popped out on that day. Will tell you more about that later!

3 superstars:

ropol said...

wow hebat rabbit bermata smokey!!

supermummy said...

wey pol, tiba2 aku teringat kau cite dulu anak sedara joe terbunuh rabbit kan..hahah

ropol said...

aah... tapi hari tu bile kitorg tanye balik kt die... die dh tak ingat.. keke buat2 lupe la tu

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