Thursday, July 22, 2010

Accessorising your car the right way

When you have your own car, I guess it's only natural to search for car accessories that reveal a glimpse into who you are. Some like to add spoilers for a more sporty look, some love to enhance their car's body with body kits so their cars will stand apart from the rest and then there are also some like my brother who love to accesorise their cars with exhaust that sounds louder than a freaking motorboat! I'm not really into accessorising my car, but I thought having a cargo mat which will help to protect my car from spills, dirts and scratches will be definitely helpful.

Before you start "personalising" your car, I guess the most important thing to remember is avoid over accessorising. But I guess for car accessories fanatics, it does not matter what people say, the car is yours so of course you can do whatever you feel like. Here's some car modifications for you to avoid that have been found around the web:

One forumer call the above truck balls aka car nuts referring to that thing hanging down below the truck. To quote that forumer " ..just shows that the driver is insecure about their manhood" Ewww.

Another big no is gigantic exhaust tips with horrifyingly loud sounds. Honestly I have been living with this one for years since my brother drive a car which fits the above description. Only good thing about his car is my mother can detect him whenever he arrives home even though she's sleeping.

Oh and I thought the below car modification is the funniest (and also the cutest!)

It's like a combination of Mr Bean's car and Bob the Builder isn't it? Absolutely adorable!

Even though I don't really accessorise my car, I think modifying your car and enhance it with car accesories is cool if it's done right. I mean why waste money if you're going to turn your car into one horrible looking machine right?

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