Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 months, 24/7 with Husayn is turning me into one nagging mother

Sometimes I think I'm sort of a bad mother because during the last few weeks have been spent shouting at Husayn. I mean the last time I've spent 24/7 at home with Husayn was back in 2007 when I gave birth to him and after that the most is around one week, 2 weeks?

Honestly I don't know how my aunty who is also Husayn's babysitter do it because all I do at home currently is nag, nag and blackmailing him. It's either "Husayn, jangan kacau adik!", "Abang pergi kemas toys tu cepat!" or "Kalau tak kemas toys, mama tak nak kasi main iPod la" which of course will be replied by "alaaaa.." Or if he doesn't play with his lorries, he will be in front of the computer or the iPod watching either garbage truck, lion dance, kompang or cak lempong on YouTube and if the video loading is too slow he will keep complaining "mama..kenapa internet ni lambat sangat? " over and over again. Really how do I answer that question to a 3 year old child?

Everytime I take Almira out of her crib, Husayn will be hovering over her and keep kissing her cheeks so hard until Almira cries, which of course will end up with me starting to nag again. But when Husayn keep saying "mama..comelkan baby Almira ni.." , I will start going "awww" in my head and relented by saying "ok..boleh kiss sekali je tapi tak mau kiss kuat kuat"

The other day Husayn followed husband to the mosque and when the imam who initially thought Husayn is already 5 years old asked him "siapa nama cikgu?", Husayn actually replied back "cikgu dah mati!" Oh my.

Anyway my parents are going to Johor Bahru next Monday and my mother asked me whether she can bring Husayn along.
If it's you guys, would you answer yes?

I told my mother I prefer him with me because if Husayn follows my parents, the house will be quiet and lonely (yes, there's Almira but she's a tiny baby and spend most of her time sleeping anyway!) , and well, another reason is I'm going to miss him terribly. Doesn't matter if the house is going in tatters with Husayn's toys scattered from the living room to the kitchen, but honestly I think I also function better with both my kids around.. well, I think nag better is more like it!

Lastly, here's Husayn kacau-ing Almira in her crib

3 superstars:

pizlimw said...

kenapa cikgu dah mati? Hahaha

Nurul said...

Adoi, budak2 zaman sekarang betul, bila seorang anak tak ada dgn kita akan terasa sunyinya. same thing happened to me n my hubby.

supermummy said...

entahla..aku pun tatau nak kenapa cikgu dia mati..hahah

tu la, tu yang i kedekut sangat bila parents nak 'pinjam' anak sekejap. ok takdela sekejap, berhari2 la jugak..rindu oo nanti..hihi

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