Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Essentials That I Can't Live Without During My Confinement

So far my confinement or pantang has been good. The pain of giving birth is nearly gone, Almira has been a total darling, totally good bowel movement, plenty of breast milk to feed my daughter and been shedding lots of weight too!Anyway here's 10 essentials that I can't live without during my pantang.

#1 is of course my husband. Honestly, my husband is not perfect at all, can be nagging more than your makcik next door, sometimes so garang he makes me cry, but without him memang confirm terberanak kat rumah hari tu. Kehkeh. But really, having husband near while in confinement is absolutely important for me because who else is going to go out and buy the baby stuff and food anytime that I requested. Yes, I really mean anytime because I am that pushover. Hohoh.

#2 is of course my mother. She cooks for me, buy ikan haruan for me, bathe the baby, prepare my air suam for me to bath, provide all the kain batik since I don't own any, layan Husayn when I go all mad at him - seriously she does everything and I feel so grateful to have her during my confinement.
#3 is of course this two little angels. I don't think will need to do any explanation about this. Though there were times I feel like screaming when Husayn just won't listen to my nagging, of course I love him lah!
#4 is this Bengkung Tali Mia. I found about this bengkung while browsing months ago and I'm glad I buy this. It's so easy to wear that I don't need anybody help to wear it, and easy to take off too. But of course being so malas and that annoying restricted feeling of being confined all the time make me wear this bengkung only during the daytime.

#5. Some people asked me how do I manage to breastfeed until Husayn turns 3 years old. Well, one thing about breastfeeding is you have to drink milk and lots of water to produce breastmilk. And for me Horlicks help a lot to produce more milk. When Husayn was a few months old, I even drink up to 3 mugs a days of Horlicks! So during my confinement, I drink Horlicks for breakfast, and at the same time I also have cereals with low fat milk. And for my tea time, I drink Milo so I guess that really helps a lot.

#6 is Nona Roguy's Phytonatal. I've swear by this jamu pill since Husayn's confinement days and it really helps a lot especially in making sure I have regular bowel movement. One of the thing that I felt terrified after giving birth to Almira was of course to go poo poo in the toilet. Laugh at me if you will, but I am absolutely terrified it will hurt a lot especially after giving birth. A few friends have been telling me their horror stories of having sembelit after giving birth normally and I half expected that I will suffer from the same thing. But alhamdulillah so far everything works well and I've never been more comfortable in my own body! Oh yeah, I guess I also have to thanks Nona Roguy's Minyak Herbanika for making me feel so good during my confinement.

#7 is the seated type toilet bowl. Can't imagine if I have to do my confinement in a house where it does not have the above type of toilet bowl! I even might cry in distress everytime I have to go to the toilet.
#8 is oranges! My auntie who's a nurse used to tell me that oranges are good for the uterus recovery. And I have been eating oranges after I eat my nasi everyday. Honestly, if you don't want to end up with constipation during your confinement, load up on fruits and vegetables and you'll be just fine!

#9 is as important as the jamu and that is my laptop with internet connection of course! I can't imagine staying at home for two months without my laptop and internet connection, I'll probably end up with postpartum distress!

#10 is TV with Astro. I can survive with no tv during my work days and in fact I rarely watch tv during my work days actually. But can I survive without tv when I have to spend 24/7 at home for two months? Absolutely not!

So do you have any things/people/ anything important that you can't live without during your confinement?

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Liza said...

i can't live without kopi o kg during confinement, need that every morning!

azura said...

emmm i think mine more or less sama macam yours. the first two mmg betul, husband and mak. and the last two also sama! masa pantang tetiap hari tgk desperate housewives kat astro :)

selamat berpantang!

armouris said...

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