Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday night at I-City Shah Alam

Hey ya!

I heart the weekend because it usually means spending more time with husband and Husayn, jalan-jalan around the Klang Valley area! I guess since I am nearing my due date, every weekends are so precious since once this baby inside me pop out, that means confinement will start and I'll be spending my time at home.

Oh anyway we went to I-City at Section 7, Shah Alam on Saturday night. I've been hearing so much about the place from friends at work so I decided to check that place out. Good thing Saturday night World Cup match is between South Korea and Uruguay, so husband did not really mind driving all the way to Shah Alam.

I-City is quite near to Jakel Shah Alam and lights are absolutely everywhere! By the way see how big my tummy is in the above pic? That and me is nearly 80kg baby! Husayn was of course excited and kept running here and there.

Eh the above pic looks like superimpose pulak. Don't know how the pic turns out like this. But yes, all those are tree lights! I wonder how much is the cost for electric bills here. And there are lots of people that night, and most of them are taking pictures of that place.

Flying unicorns pun ada - looking all glittery and dazzling of course! But watch out for your steps and kids because if you go near the unicorns, the pak guard will blow his whistle off. I thought it was funny though because he kept blowing his whistle. Yelah, ramai orang kan, especially the ones who brought the kids like yours truly.

Gorgeous kan? No wonder everybody keep snapping away.

I really wonder how does all these 'trees' look like during the day.

By the way if your husband refuse to leave the house just because of a World Cup match, then I-City has this big screen that shows live World Cup match. So there's no reason not to go here!

Lastly here's a video of I-City.

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pizlimw said...

Besarnya perut penyokong Italy ni..

Arin said...

intan, bila due?macam tak terlarat je arin tengok perut tuh..
btw, boy/girl this time?

Maya Ariffin said...

woahhh.. tats super big tummy!

was there during the launched early of this months. Luv the scenes but hate the crowd. huhuhuh...

supermummy said...

aah..siap ada orang kat ofis ni ingat aku pregnant kembar.lawak betul.hahaha

due date 11/7. mmg tak larat pun, tapi memaksa diri datang ke ofis menyiapkan keje2 yg tergendala ni..malas betul..

maya ariffin
hahah yup super big tummy. hopefully can be kurus again after confinement. hihi. ur right about the crowd at i-city though. jalan sikit nak kena berenti sbb ada orang sibuk posing kat pokok la..dan dah mmg macam piknik pon ada..heheh

Liza said...

been wanting to take the kids here, tapi mcm jauh lak rasanyer from bangi

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