Saturday, June 26, 2010

Olay Total Effects el cheapo, only this weekend!

If you are a big fan of Olay Total Effects like me, this weekend is perfect for you to buy Olay Total Effects at a cheaper price!

Found this one in today's newspaper, you can buy Olay Total Effects for only RM29.88 at Guardian and get free Cleanser + Serum too! This offer at Guardian is only for today and tomorrow, so really, let's rush to the nearest Guardian !

Or if your house is nearer to Carrefour, you can also buy Olay Total Effects at a cheaper price than Guardian. Olay Total Effects for only RM28.99 and offer is valid today and tomorrow only!

Anyway I usually buy my Total Effects at 99 Speedmart, because it's usually cheaper when other outlets don't have any promotion and they usually sell it around RM32-34. Sometimes certain place even sell this Total Effects around RM38-42 which I think is totally ridiculous. So marilah kita beli Total Effects - and by the way this is no advertorial. I'm just a loyal Olay Total Effects user! :)

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Liza said...

thanks for the info, i use Olay too!

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