Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My materialistic pregnancy cravings are driving me nuts!

Another day, another pregnancy entry - so please bear with me. Mak orang, macam ni lah ye. Haha. When I was pregnant with Husayn, I craved for the below:

Pic was stolen from err..somewhere.

Yes, the apam balik. Can't remember how far along I was back then, but I remember it was a rainy day and suddenly that mengidam feeling came and your head is filled with apam balik. We tried to find the apam balik everywhere in the Kelana Jaya area, but since it was raining and nearly Maghrib, we can't find any. That day was the first time ever in my life I cried because I did not get to eat apam balik. Lawak betul.

Mengidam nak naik kapal terbang. Yes, really. My husband and I actually went to Kuching, Sarawak when I was 7 months pregnant. The sad thing was all the photos that we took while we were there have all gone with my computer's kaput hard disk.

So guess what do I crave now since I am pregnant again?

Usually it's the tau fu fa, and thanks goodness it's easily available in the Kelana Jaya area. If it's Sunday morning, can go all the way to Pasar Tani Shah Alam to satisfy my craving.

And then there's the Lumix camera which I have been craving since don't know when. Husband was kinda surprised when 2 weeks ago I suddenly called and said to him "eh jom pergi beli kamera lepas balik kerja hari ni!". I got the above Lumix DMC TZ10 in exactly the above colour. Sukanya saya! So goodbye to my 5 year old, 3.2 megapixels Nikon camera which for some unknown reason cannot even un-zoom anymore.

Oh I forgot to mention that I also got myself a laptop sebab rasa macam nakkkk sangat laptop. Boleh tak macam tu? But once I got myself a laptop, I rarely use pun, unless it's weekend.

During my pregnancy with Husayn, I spent a lot on the hospital bill since I had to go under emergency c-sect and the bill went up to nearly RM6,000. Then there were the monthly checkups with the gynae too which cost RM90 something per visit. But for this pregnancy I guess I spent a lot on my cravings since I thought I'm going to give birth at a government hospital anyway, and my monthly checkup is free since I do my checkup at my office's clinic downstairs.

But ada satu lagi pregnancy craving yang tak dapat lagi ni..

Coach Alex Op Art Baby Bag. Isk, craving yang ni memang tak boleh layan. Tapi asyik teringat ingat je. Tensennya! Haha.

Agaknya anak perempuan kot sebab craving semua berkaitan shopping je. Alahai.

7 superstars:

Hanz said...

Intan..masih terngiang-ngiang..masa preggie si Hambali..kemaruk Cheese Cake yg betul2 plain & washed it off with Freezing Cold Apple Juice atau Zapple..Syok wo!

Arin said...


pizlimw said...

Haish nasibla kau tak kawin dengan aku.. Boleh miskin terus... First time aku dengar orang mengidam camera masa mengandung.. Hahahahaha..

supermummy said...

alaaaa..u cakap cheese cake tiba2 teringin pulak.isk.

memang betul bahaya..hahaha..

wey tapi aku beli kamera tu dgn duit aku sendiri tau..baikkan aku..hahah..

Zuhaini said...

hahaha.. layankan je lah.. yg apam balik dan tau fu fah tu senang dapat.. nasib baik! :)

Liza said...

the bag looks so lovely, i yg tak pregnant pun craving gak nie

ena said...

hahaha beshnya craving gadjet! daku nak buat2 mengidam gak la!! buleh?? haha..

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