Saturday, June 19, 2010

Installing the Video Bar widget at Malaysian Supermummy

I am absolutely extra rajin today because I woke up so early, started doing some office work around 7 in the morning and now found myself updating my blog.

Oh yeah, if you see at the top right of my sidebar, you will see I have added a new widget which is the Bloggger Video Bar. If you fancy viewing videos of Husayn and his little mishief, or My Lurve Affair with Twilight which was aired during 8tv Quickie last year, you can view the video there. Anyway it's not all rosy for this video bar because after adding the widget, I found that even though I have already specified I only want my channel to be showed, it will automatically showed some 'undefined' video after a certain period of time which I found annoying.

The above video is what I meant by 'undefined' video. Totally not mine!

I've tried Googling around but I still have not found the answer. If you guys know how the Blogger Video Bar can stay fix only to my own channel, really appreciate if you can share your wizardry here since I am totally clueless and seriously I ended up thinking "lantaklaaa.." Haha.

Nobody from Google even care to rectify this problem since I think the above is some kind of bug. And get this, a lot of Blogger users who install the Video Bar widget also suffer the same fate like moi and yet no one knows how to fix this. I mean I use Wordpress for my other domain and the Wordpress admin is always so helpful with their answers.

Anyway, the above is screencap from my channel. If you want to view or even subscribe you can go to

Thanks a bunch!

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