Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Honestly I can't remember how far along am I in my pregnancy

31 weeks baby!

Doctor made me drink the air gula due to my weight gain up to 3 to 4kg per months in my previous checkup. I don't mind drinking the air gula, but having to fast from the night until afternoon the next day where I can only drink plain water is absolutely stress-able.

Anyway have you gone through a pregnancy where you just feel so ugly because you hate your clothes and you feel as if you're wearing the same thing over and over? I do. I know it sounds petty but it gets depressing when I don't feel like going to work because I don't like what I'm wearing. Haha. Don't even feel like buying new clothes either since I am already 8 months pregnant with only 1 1/2 months to go, I'd rather buy a new handbag. Heheh.

The baby is good, and during my 31 weeks check up he/she is already at 1.5kg. Don't ask how much I weight because I also want to go pengsan because I am currently at my heaviest, yep heavier than when I was pregnant with Husayn. Sleeping at night is horrible, because at night the weather tends to go all hot and I don't know which position will make the pain lesser. Yep I got throbbing pain down there, but my aunt who is a former nurse said that was probably due to my c-sect scar. Seriously it felt like someone poke knife down there.

Oh and I love this lifesaving Guardian's cocoa butter. El cheapo, yes- but it makes all the itchiness and stretch marks go away. I used to swear by Palmer's Cocoa Butter, but Guardian's one is much more cheaper and it most importantly it works too! I used to scratch my itch until it turns into ugly kudis and fugly scars, but now it miraculously disappear!

On another note, I spent last night watching Al Jazeera to keep myself updated with the latest going ons regarding the Israel attack on the aids' ships. They had this interview with Israel defence Analyst and I have to say I have never seen some idiot got mad at the interviewer before. This Israeli idiot actually was screaming during live tv "Don't disturb when I'm talking!" and "No..no you listen to me!" It's ironic that Israel keep saying they start shooting inside the ship due to self defense, but really, as one twitterer put it nicely:
"If a Muslim nation had attacked that aid flotilla we'd be calling it a terrorist act"

Fikir-fikirkanlah ya.

3 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

wah.. tak lama lagi dah tu :)

erm.. berapa ringgit ya satu botol tu..?

Just said...

Hi. Congratz to u. I'm at 32wk also now. :D

Yup, baju rotate jer every week. Hahaha.. Boring kan??

My baby girl.. Insya-Allah.. weighted at 1.4kg when I was at 28wk. And I'm now at 57kg++..

As for the stretch mark, I'm applying bio-oil. So far, so good.. :D

supermummy said...

12 ringgit lebih kot..tak ingatla pulak.tapi mmg murah je la..

betol i hate the rotating baju part. rasa mcm asyik pakai yang sama je..eh how come the bio oil works for u? i try bio oil tapi mcm takde kesan pon..

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