Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forza Italia!

Hello World Cup,

So how are you all coping with it? I managed to catch my first full 2.30am World Cup match between Italy and Paraguay and seriously the only reason I managed to stay awake is because of Italy lah. Hehe. Call them lembab ke, commentators even label Italy as "notoriously slow starters", somehow I just realised I've been supporting the Azzurri since I was in Form 1 and that was bloody 16 years ago hey!

Anyway a few friends laments that they don't like the idea of World Cup because Husbands will ignore them and focus on their favourite teams or they don't get to watch TV. Some are supportive and prepare coffee or snacks for the Husband who is glued to the telly. And then there's me who stay awake last night to watch World Cup match while husband is already sleeping. Whatever it is, I think World Cup is best embraced even though you know nothing about it, which I think what my mother is currently doing (bagus mak saya ni, siap ada komen2 lagi pasal pemain. Pemain ni lembablah, game ni tak best lah, kepala penjaga gol Cameroon keras la dan macam-macam lagi. Hihi)

Oh by the way, here's another reason to support Italy:

To quote my comment at Facebook to a friend who tagged this photo:
" ...inilah salah satu sebab menyokong itali. bukan setiap pasukan ada gamba pemain pakai sependa putih. patutnya lippi pun join sekali:

By the way Lippi is the coach. Yes he's old, but he's super dashing I tell you! Hehe. Seriously if you find the game too boring for your liking, concentrate on the players instead. That's how I learn about offside rules anyway!

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supermummy said...

hoi jeles la tu.hahaha

miMiE aZiMaSK ^V^ said...

adusss.... luluh jantung... adeehh adehh... hehehehehe

klik sinie jom ke blog mimie azimask :D ...

Liyana said...

is that cannavaro???hehehehe....napela takde maldini,huhuhu

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