Friday, May 28, 2010

How I stop my son from breastfeeding


I so missed blogging and have tons of ideas what to write but work has been absolutely crazy. I thought working for government is supposed to make you live an easier, supposedly more relaxing life. But noooo. Well, I still come home on time but I have to continue my work at home and even during weekdays which is terribly exhausting. No wonder the baby inside me is protesting and keep trying to find his/her way out (yep, still don't know the gender yet!)

Anyway, some updates on Husayn. He's been an angel for the last 6 days because he managed to stay away from my boobies! Hihi. He just turned 3 in April and I guess it's about time he stop breastfeeding. Besides that it's getting harder to breastfeed him with my huge tummy and it did get uncomfortable at times.

So how did I actually stop him from breastfeeding? I won't lie and say it's easy. It's hard especially when your kids keeps crying. Husayn usually will cry and said "mama..nenen botol tak sedap!", "nenen mama lagi sedap!" , every single night before he go to sleep. But I usually try to distract his attention by telling him bedtime stories (ok I'm kinda lousy at this one, so I usually made one ridiculous stories or another but at least his attention is diverted!), making him play with the iPod or my handphone.

The iPod tactic usually work!

But I think the main reason Husayn only stop breastfeeding (or in the process of attempting to actually) at 3 years old is all my fault because there's nothing easier in the world than making your kid stop crying in the middle of the night or even aboard a flight by sumbat-ing your boobies inside his mouth and then watch him fall asleep in no time (or I think most of the time it was me who fell asleep first!). To feed your kid the formula is really hard, I don't know how some of you do it. I guess breastfeeding really suits a super lazy mother like me. Hihihi.

Hmm..wonder if the baby inside me will be like Husayn in terms of breastfeeding. Gotta go and search my Avent manual pump and clean everything!

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