Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday at San Francisco Steakhouse

Honestly, me and Husband being the very kedekut one rarely eat out unless it is at kedai mamak. So Husband was kinda surprised when I suddenly craved for San Francisco Steakhouse. Well, actually I was craving for Kenny Rogers. Tapi since we went to KLCC, we ended up at San Francisco Steakhouse.

Husayn loves the place because he can jump up and down, and run here and there without any interruption. Seriously being a regular at kedai mamak make you appreciate the comfy atmosphere and we can melantak in peace which is kinda cool.

They served the bread and mushroom soup first and Husayn was the one who eat the most. Before the food came he was like "mama..bila nasi nak sampai ni". Haha. Manala ada nasi kat sini kan.

I ordered Oreo smoothies with satu ketul Oreo on top! Absolutely yummy especially since the weather was really hot outside.

And Husband knowing that I am so murah hati to belanja him that day ordered a RM20 Haagen Dasz milkshake which is absolutely heavenly!

I was in the mood to eat the San Franciso burger, but ended up me and my Husband ordering the same thing. I actually finished the whole meal but ended up so kenyang until the next day.

I ordered kids set meal for Husayn but I think the portion is quite big too, at least for me lah.

It really was a happy blissful Sunday especially when you get to stuff your stomach with lots of food. God knows how much I weight now, seriously I don't want to know. Haha. Tapi bak kata Norjuma in Nona the other day - "time pregnant ni kita makan je lah apa yang kita nak. Bila dah bersalin baru kita diet" Hahah. Tengoklah nanti berjaya ke tak kembali ke berat badan asal. Hihihi.

Catch you later people! I actually feel amazed at myself I am updating this blog two days in a row!

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AQisH said...

sedapppnyerrr ;)

san ling said...

Finally, a kindred spirit...visit me at johorkia.blogspot.com....

Liza said...

i love having lunch at this place, set lunch dia best and cheap

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