Monday, April 12, 2010

Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos

Just finished browsing through the web and I found this amusing article from the year 2008. A woman actually sues her surgeon for unwanted tattoo below her panty line! The case happened in New Jersey and the woman sued her orthopaedic surgeon for emotional stress following her surgey for herniated disc.

The good news is if you somehow experience the same thing like the above woman you can always go for Los Angeles Tattoo removal at Celibre.

I think another person that I would recommend to go to Los Angeles Dermatologist Celibre for tattoo removal would be Cheryl Cole who recently divorced her husband, Chelsea footballer - Ashley Cole. Celibre would be the perfect place for her to remove her Mrs C tattoo at the back of her neck.

Seriously I think tattooing your spouse or partner's name expecially if your are Hollywood celebrities is real bad idea because it is very rare those celebrities' marriage will last. They should just tattoo their kids' names instead. Or their parents' name (have anybody actually done this? hehe). Or tattoo of a rose.

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