Monday, April 26, 2010

My first time at the Pasar Tani Shah Alam

I am trying to be good starting today and update regularly instead of "when I feel like it". Hihi. Monday really sucks when you did have a good weekend.

Oh ya, yesterday was kinda record for husband because he actually woke up quite early and off me, Husayn and Husband went to Pasar Tani Shah Alam. It was actually my first time there and to be honest I rarely go to pasar tani because usually my parents will go. That's what you get for living with parents, yah? Haha. They have this Karnival Adat Selangor or something near the pasar tani area and we reached there around 10 something which is scorching hot!

Husayn was of course super excited because he saw this firetruck right besides the pasar tani and carnival area.

I was feeling fat and heavy but I braved the super hot weather and finally got myself something that I have been lusting after for the last few days which is..

yep, the tau foo fa! When I was pregnant with Husayn during the fasting month, I actually ate tau foo fa every day. Honestly it is kinda hard to find tau foo fa durign weekdays, so I guess I have to wait for the next pasar malam or pasar tani to eat one.

Husayn was of course keep bugging me since he love the tau fo fa too, so I gotta share with him and he is kinda big eater despite his slim figure. Hihi. The other day we went to One Utama and I bought myself a big lemonade at Auntie Anne's, and he ended up finishing most of the lemonade and I ended up with only the ice.

After spending about more than one hour under the super hot weather, and with me ended up sitting at the kaki lima because I was dead tired, Husband asked asked me whether I want to go home. I, of course refused and paksa him to drive to KLCC instead. I guess after burning yourself under the hot sun, you need air conditioned place like KLCC to cool yourself (and spend your money too la sebenarnya.haha).

Husayn of course love shopping mall not because he loves shopping but because he loves playing with all the above type of stuff. He was terrified everytime I try to insert the coin so the thing will start moving though. Haha.

And then thanks to my craving, we got to eat at San Francisco Steakhouse. Which is good. And I ended up full until this morning. Nyummeh! Review about that place esok-esoklah ye because this entry has gotten too long I guess. Haha.

Happy Monday people!

2 superstars:

pizlimw said...

kau pergi pasar tani semata2 beli taufufa ke intan?

supermummy said...

haha..aku gi pasar tani sebab aku bosan kat rumah. dan dah lama mempunyai impian nak pergi pasar tani shah alam.hahaha. (sebenarnya aku mmg sengaja cari alasan utk pergi jalan2..haha)

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