Saturday, April 24, 2010

Insurance to cover all your needs

Do you protect yourself and your family with insurance?

Well I do, but I am currently only insuring myself. I got that plan around 5 years ago and I was single, and I thought for RM150 per month, I've got nothing to lose. At least should anything happen to me I am protecting myself and my loved ones. Been thinking about getting insurance plan for Husayn and my baby who is currently residing in my tummy too, but still haven't actually gotten around to doing it.

And for women like us, you can also get for yourself a sort of specialised plan for the ladies. One of the insurance companies is even giving away RM500 for giving birth to your child!

I'm not a business woman, nor do I have any business that I run - but even I know that business insurance is must for every business owner. If you reside in the US you can browse through New York insurance information for all your insurance needs. Well if you don't require business insurance in New York and are currently located somewhere else in the world, don't fret because you can always google away any of your insurance needs and maybe meet some insurance agents along the way!

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Twiggy said...

true, even i myself am only taking insurance for my personal coverage. nothing yet for the little one..hmm...

-ummu amin- said...

well.. i've nil info on insurance till i'm maried to an agent :) so, kalau nk takaful tuh, u know who to look for :)

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