Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Husayn's Zharief 3rd birthday at Genting highlands

Sunday was nice because we went to Genting Highlands for Husayn Zharief's 3rd birthday! Initially I planned to go to Sunway Lagoon, but somehow on Saturday when I logged on into Genting's website and found out the Outdoor Park ticket is only RM18, I changed the plan.

The birthday boy kept asking " nak pergi mana ni mama?" When I answered Genting he replied back, "nak gunting apa?" Haha.

I dragged my youngest sister along so she can be the bibik too! Haha.

And this is how huge I have become.

Oh lookey here, somebody actually cried when riding this. Unfortunately the above ride is an absolute no-no for pregnant woman, so I just pass. Seriously don't go to Genting when you are pregnant, you'll only end up eating the overpriced food (nasi lemak @RM7 and orange drink @RM5. kopak duit mak. haha) and not being able to ride most of the rides.

Oh and you also ended up watching your husband and sister ride the flying chair and having the time of their lives. Jelesnya!

Tapi kesian the birthday boy terlanggar tiang pulak sampai bibir berdarah. Baru nak good mood, teruslah dia menangis lagi, last2 ended up tertidur kat KFC.

Surprisingly he did not even cry when we ride the boat to Dinosaurland.

And he so love the ulat ride! Anyway all in all we had a great day at Genting but I ended up with my kasut all koyak.

Sedih since it's one of my favourite shoes!

5 superstars:

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

happy birthday husayn! :)

Aleeya said...

happy birthday to Husayn too, ermm de gak planning nak gi genting sefamily tapi tak sempat2 lagi nak gi..

suadrif said...

husayn dah besar!! rindu same husayn.. tak tau dah besar mane baru jumpe.. hehe.. "Sanah Helwa to Husayn"

supermummy said...

husayn kata thank you.hehe

husayn kata thank you juga.

wak wit
wey bila nak video chat lagi..kehkeh..husayn sekarang asyik nak ngorat baby girl kat rumah wak saim je..asyik dipeluk di cium baby tu.hahah

Liza said...

husayn mesti happy to have such an interesting birthday celebs, lama tak pegi genting, should plan a trip there soon

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