Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy 57th Birthday to my mother!

Sunday was super nice because I got to eat a lot! With my current weight at 70kg and I believe there's more to come, I really should start tone it down before diabetes struck. But how can you resist scrumptious foodies?

Well, there's this lemony cheesecake. I haven't been indulging in cheesecake for a looong time.

Then there's the laksa utara, nasi lemon (not in the pic), sate Haji Samuri (also not in the pic), creme caramel and fruits. Yummy!

If you're wondering why all the sedap sedap food, it's because of my mother's birthday and my auntie's that we are celebrating. Eventhough it's my mother's birthday she's the one who is busy preparing all the food. Haha. I don't think any of the food will materialise if it's up to me. Oh and that baby on my mother's lap is not her cucu, that is actually my cousin who makes everybody so geram because as Husayn eloquently put it "montelnya Khyra ni kan mama.." haha.

Husayn of course being a big fan of baby girls keep hovering around Khyra. And you should see Khyra's thighs which are absolutely delectable!

If you're wondering what one earth has Khyra's been eating until she turns all montel like this, it is 100% her mother's breast milk!

Anyway this Sunday will be Husayn's 3rd birthday but honestly I've been so busy lately haven't had the time to think what should I do for his birthday. Been thinking of going to Genting or Sunway Lagoon je kot. If malas sangat, beli kek, lepas tu duduk rumah je la. Haha.

2 superstars:

ARIFFDA said...

berat intan skrg 70kg?dh berapa bulan...

supermummy said...

6 bulan..end of this month 7 bulan le kot..haha..sekarang ni main agak2 je..bila jumpa dr baru ingat balik berapa bulan

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