Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do you like your hair style?

I have a love and hate relationship with my wavy hair. Sometimes it will go all frizzy and I will go nuts and chop off everything so I will have a manageable short bobs. I can't never have a pixie style hair because I think my face is too big. But I remember when I was in secondary school I used to go crazy over Meg Ryan's short, tousled, curly hair.

But she's kinda old now and she doesn't look good like she used to be. Don't believe me, just go and google her latest photo. Heheh.

And who can forget Jennifer Aniston's sun kissed hair color and one of the most copied hair style in the 90? Everybody wanted a layered hair style like hers back then! But well, unlike Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston sure looks better and better these days even though she's in her 40s.

Speaking of hair color, I really hate Kim Kardashian's hair when she suddenly turned into blonde a few months back.

Honestly, stick to your darker hair colour Kim!

3 superstars:

Liza said...

i love kim k's hair before she decided to be a blond, i envy her hair so much, so wavy and beautiful

supermummy said...

liza, betol..canteks rambut dia..

glam.mama said...

i loved "the rachel"! and i agree, kim looks better as a brunette.

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