Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pregnancy cravings are stressful to the husbands

I was craving for this huge mango last night, and I ended up finishing the mango by myself. I was too lazy to peel the skin because I was turning into a monster (what's with me being huge now and all..haha) so I just sliced the mango into two and eat it like somebody who has not been eating anything for a few days.

Mango is now finito! *burp*

My pregnancy cravings have been pretty smooth so far. Nothing weird, just the occasional ice cream cravings (but the weather is so hot nowadays, I think everybody have their ice cream cravings), and sweet stuff cravings mostly. The other day, this sweet cravings make me realised that Dunkin' Donuts is no competition when it comes face to face with Big Apple Donuts or JCo. I really wanted to munch some donuts the other day and asked for husband to buy some. He bought half a dozen of Dunkin Donuts for me and the donuts taste horrible. I don't know whether it's this pregnant lady taste buds or the taste is just not nice but I think it's more to the latter.

Anyway I have a heartburn today and it's getting harder to breathe. Work is piling up and honestly I can't wait to give birth so I can go back to my usual self again. Oh and I really miss playing futsal too. I wonder how the heck in the world Giselle Bundchen managed to do some kung fu while she is pregnant. Well at least yoga I understand, but kung fu? My goodness, I can't even lift my feet properly nowadays!

p/s: I've updated! Finally..

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pizlimw said...

Diaorang cakap daging landak sedap Intan.. (hahah, mesti Fisyar belasah aku kalau kau tetiba teringin)

Liza said...

when i was pregnant, i was craving for rambai, bagai nak gile my better half cari rambai, nasib baik dapat...

Twiggy said...

omg, now I'M wanting a mango and i'm wayyy past pregnant! hahahahah

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