Monday, March 29, 2010

Pregnancy at 24 weeks

My baby at 24 weeks

Sorry for neglecting this blog for too long. I guess when you are pregnant and suddenly cramped with work, ideas tend to leave you in lurch.


Anyway I am in my 24 weeks now which means I am already 6 months along! I went to the doctor last week, but my baby's gender is still a mystery. Honestly I am not that picky. Girl or boy is fine with me, what's important is he/she is perfectly healthy mentally and physically. Oh and guess what, I am 70kg already! I don't even know what I was eating and without me realising, I am ballooning!

Can't believe why some colleagues still said that my baby bump is small lah, 6 months already but look like 3 months and macam-macam lah. Because I myself found it is getting harder to walk, I get tired easily, I fell asleep right after my Maghrib prayer every night and usually woke up around 3 or 4 in the morning for my Isyak.

My husband has been driving me to work since after Chinese New Year until the last two weeks, but now I have to drive again which really sucks because I cannot sleep in the car and I have to send Husayn everyday to the babysitter, climb up the stairs until the 4th floor and hey just last week I sent my car to service at Proton Mutiara Damansara by myself which I think is quite an achievement considering usually husband is the one doing that.

Oh and my son is getting crankier everyday, suddenly so manja and keep breastfeeding every 2 or 3 hours just like when he was a baby! Letih mak. Oklah, toodles ya!

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aidie said...

cabaran masa mengandung :D. take care yaa

glam.mama said...

My eldest son pun bukan main lagi BF masa I preg...I think its their way of getting our attention...if not I was always lying down sebab penat :p bad mama.

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