Monday, March 22, 2010

My son's obsession with the word tetek

My son's current favourite word is 'tetek'. Ok, before I go further I should warn you this post will have the word teteks all over, so if you feel kinda uncomfortable, you should just go. But I assure you, there is nothing pornographic about this post, just a mother's lament on dealing with a nearly 3 year old son.

I don't know how it started. Maybe it's because I always complained that he kept biting on my nipple while he is breastfeeding where I usually ended up screaming "adoiii..sakitla tetek mama!" Haha. But he did catch up with my words. So now wherever we are, even while he is not breastfeeding, he will innocently ask me, "mama, tetek mama sakit ke?", not once, not twice but over and over again.

Oh he got creative too. Somehow, he managed to string most of his sentences with the word 'tetek' in it. I was actually reading Malaysian Women's Weekly yesterday in front of him when suddenly there's a lingerie ad with a bra wearing woman in it, and my eloquent son suddenly yelled "comelnya tetek ni!" Hahaha. Ok I thought it was kinda funny, but really should I be horrified? Oh of course I should, I mean I don't want him start pointing at people in public place and scream "mama, tengok tetek orang tu!"

So everytime he mentions that t-word I will start "hepp..cakap apa tu!" or go into my usually not working at all threatening mode and said "nanti mama cubit mulut tu kangg..". Most of the time he will just smirked cheekily at me. In the meantime, sabar je lah.

By the way I just knew Yanie Maentor passed away yesterday. So young at only 25, but I guess that's her ajal. Al Fatihah to her and may Allah blessed her soul. Read all about it at!

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azura said...

hahahahah amusing!

Liza said...

kids are like that, but kita kena gak tegur, like you said...nanti dia start pointing to others...payah tu

Hanani Mansor said...

my daughter pon suka cakap tu, since 8month dah sebut, jenuh jugak kalo mintak menyusu kat public... dah get use to it hehe

zamdee said...

tau pulak tuh tetek mana yang comel, aduhaiiii..

Adlina Husaini said...

adeh..dah tergelak sesorang nih baca komen anak awak pasal tetek comel tu =D

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