Friday, February 19, 2010

What do you think of girl marrying a shorter guy?

Random question today.

What do you think of girl marrying a shorter guy?

Tom Cruise did it with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

My auntie did it. I honestly thought it's ok as long as the height difference is not too obvious lah. But not like Kumar here.

Not trying to be discriminating here, but somehow I thought a midget marrying a normal height girl is kinda weird.

What do you think?

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mama | sarah | syimir said...

ok je zahid & nita..nita ut tinggi sgt, susah juga nak cr yg lebih tinggi drpd dia :)
opsss tergosip plak

Zuhaini said...

erm.. dulu mmg agak janggal la kan.. tapi sekarang ni dah jadi satu benda biasa.. in fact mr hubby saya pun lagi rendah. tapi buat tatau jer.. :D

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

org kata kalau pasangan kita lebih rendah (lelaki)..murah rezeki..:)

aidie said...

oohh..cannot..ppl always say, murah rezeki..but ada je yg cerai berai kan. contoh tom cruise itu..

but for me, i cant tolerate on the height sbb i nak hug my hubby and see his face at eye level..baru romantic kann


azura said...

love is blind after all :)

Liza said...

kalau dah jodoh, height does not matter when you are in love....

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