Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Someone lost their kid at Ikano yesterday and I got kinda paranoid

I had a good weekend, I don't even feel like coming to work.

Honestly today I am so tired and half of my butt is cramp already due to running around Ikano and The Curve chasing after Husayn. I don't know what got into him yesterday but he was really testing my patience. Then I guess I got more paranoid because when I went to Brands Outlet at Ikano yesterday, one kid was missing and his mother was frantically searching for him. Initially, it was one makcik who suddenly tegur me and said "kesian orang tu..dia cari anak dia".

I was watching her making rounds in Brands Outlet while holding her newborn baby in her arms as she was shouting her son's name. I'm not really sure whether the father was there as well, but at the time she was searching for her son alone. And then suddenly she was screaming and somehow terduduk on the floor and that was when everybody inside the shop realised what was happening. I feel so kesian for her but then even me who was not holding a baby in my arms was having a hard time trying to keep up with my Husayn who was running merrily inside the shop. So I cannot imagine how hard it is to have to look after your son while holding the baby in her arms (just assuming she was holding the baby all the time because I did not see any stroller in sight)

I really hope she did find her son yesterday. And to all mothers and parents out there, please don't ever let your child wanders alone in shopping mall or park or wherever. You just don't know what kind of creeps out there always watching and waiting. It's better to hold your kid's hand even though he was throwing tantrum and crying. Well if you are too tired, just ask your husband to dukung him all the way lah like I did. Haha. Or else, like my mom said, just leave your kid at home and ask someone to jaga your kid for a while so you can have a peaceful grocery shopping.

The only time Husayn remained still was when he play with this thing. Tapi takkan lah tunggu dia kat situ je kan. Isk.

Ok, now I feel like those public service ads. But really, I witnessed it yesterday, and you don't want it to happen to you too.

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Liza said...

yes, that is so true, never let the kids out of our sight even for a few seconds. this happen to me before, I was doing some shopping with the 3 kids without my husband, i was trying to pay for the groceries and when I look again, i lost one of my kids, macam nak gila!! So, what I did from that time, sampai mall smua masuk dalam trolley, Alhamdulilah, now they are bigger, easier to manage

Arin said...

my cousin baru cerita hari tuh, anak dia hilang kat alamanda for 45 minutes. sebab anak dia terikut this one guy yang disangkakan ayah nya. Ye la, budak umur 3 yrs old, dia nampak serupa kaler pakaian, dia dah start ikut. But end up, wrong person. Akhirnya, my anak buah nih dijumpai kat depan entrance Carefour Alamanda menangis.

glam.mama said...

Arin, I pernah terikut org jugak sbb ingatkan it was my mom, hahaha. Its funny now but kinda embarassing for me, and upsetting for my mom at that time.

Sadly, I saw parents lose their son in London a few years ago. Their screaming still haunts me to this day, and because of that, no matter what, if I cannot handle the kids by myself, I either do not go out, or bring a stroller, or rent a stroller, or even "pinjam" trolley from a supermarket. Better safe (and kulit tebal) than sorry!

I know my eldest belum boleh dengar cakap when we are out, so unless DH is there to attend to him, there is no way I am going to let him roam free. The creeps out there watching and waiting, they are the reality of our times. I watch way too many Law & Order: SVU episodes to take that forgranted.

KambingBujang said...

i pun penah tgk ader bdak pempuan nangis hilang parent dier kt tesco entrance. cian sgt. then ader la 2 / 3 org couple yg budiman bawak budak tue pg tesco then terdgr la announcement pasal bdak hilang tue..

then me n my hubby pun pnh buat2 hilang dr pandangan my son. actually kiterog perhati deir dr jauh, then bler dier sedar yg mummydaddy dier xder, dier start mcari2 n nenagis, time tue i trus rase nk nangis n trus pegi peluk my son. mmg tak leh imagine la kalu my son btl2 hilang.. bleh jd giler kot

Hanz said...

Intan..creepy-lah..that's why some mom use harness tu...ish, kesian sungguh kat mak budak tu..

supermummy said...

betul2..sbb tu i rasa ok sikit kalau pegi giant ke tesco sbb ada troli boleh letak je anak dalam tu. tapi janganlah pulak tinggal anak dalam troley sorang2, pastu mak bapak gi jalan2 pulak..heheh

isk nasib baik jumpa kan..kalau i mesti dah cuak dan menangis gak

glam mama
betul, mmg ok sikit kalau ada stroller..tapi time2 macam ni la i teringat masa anak kecik dulu, senang sikit. sebab letak je dalam karung lepas tu my husband bawak dia dalam baby carrier tu. sekarang bila dah besar, mak aii..pening..

nasib baik ada orang yg budiman tu, kalau orang yg jahat pulak jumpa, isk tak bole imagine.

aah tu la..sekarang pon i baru paham kenapa nak guna harness tu sbb hari tu mmg i rasa nak ikat je my son tu kat i kejap..hahah

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