Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scorching hot wedding at Chaah

Long weekend and Chinese New Year break, we all went back to Johor. I have a cousin's wedding at Chaah (which by the way if you're wondering where is it, can be found when you use the Yong Peng exit) . We took off from PJ around 7 on Sunday morning and PLUS highway is absolutely breezy clear while Husband was driving like mad.

That was me and my sister, Acik. Acik rarely wears baju kurung so I thought it was kinda funny seeing her in one. And that was my mom's handbag, not hers. I think she'd rather carry a bag plastic than buy herself a real handbag. Haha. I did ask her to carry my bag around since I was using my pregnancy excuse (the usual letihlah excuse of course) but she kept complaining "dalam beg ni letak batu ke apa..beratnya!"

Husayn was down with fever the day before and he was unusually quiet during our ride to Chaah. But alhamdulillah he was looking better when we arrived. And the above cheeky smirkin' of him in front of the pelamin is absolutely priceless. Bukan senang nak dapat gambar tersengih mcm tu!

It was really really hot inside the house, and extremely hot outside so I really don't know where to go. I really wish we could go take a dip at the pool ke, beach ke whatever or trap ourselves in a room with air con full blast.

The food is good though and in true orang Jawa style, we even got loaaads of 'berkat' to bring back. There's the nasi and lauk and then goodies in the form of food. Seriously I've been to weddings all acrosss Malaysia and if you want to bring lots of foodies (food + goodies!) to bring back, just go to any orang Jawa wedding. You'll get food that sometimes will last you a week. Heheh.

After that off we went to JB! Yay!

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nice maxi dress. love it!

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thank you!

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