Monday, February 22, 2010

Launching of!

Hullo selamat tengah hari people!

Posting a lil bit late today since I was so swarmed with work. Anyway I have a little teeny weeny announcement. No, I'm not shutting down this blog (though honestly I did get that idea a few times). Actually I just launched a new blog, and with a new domain to boot. Yay!

Alhamdulillah after toying with the ideas for months I finally get my lazy butt to start working and you can see it all at!

Ok konon2 je tu ada tagline "girls' guide to virtual and real world". Hihi. Tapi basically is not a clone of this blog. It's more on celebrity gossips, shopping, how to and forwarded emails. Basically all girly girly and my favourite stuff compiled in one place! Currently I'm still working to improve the website so expect lots of errors.

I have also created a link named "LINK LOVIN'" where you can add your blog or website at, for free of course! But on one condition, you have to link me back at your blog, either plain text link or just copy the website logo and I'll be happy.

If you have any product to advertise at you can also contact me and I'll be glad to assist you. Honestly I don't know what to expect from this new website, but I'll just go with the flow. But one thing for sure, I'll still update Malaysian Supermummy daily since this blog is more like my personal blog.

Whatever it is thank you all for your support and do visit ya and spread the word! Any suggestion of topic, request, inquiry, complaints whatsoever - you know where to reach me. :)

4 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

wah.. dah advance ye.. tahniah! tu la, i thot blog ni di rename rupanya tu something else ya.. congratts!

Arin said...

wokeh, akan melawat :)

Hanz said...

Bestnyer Intan! Tahniah..dear, i nak link to yours..i pun suka girly2 stuff ni..x caya baca 2 posting today.wink!
akan terjah itu dot com skarang! :>

glam.mama said...

Wah, congrats!! Rajinnya you...memang admire lah.

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