Monday, February 8, 2010

Good bye chocolates and sweets

Good morning Monday people! OK, so I fake my ceria-ness there because honestly nothing is absolutely worse than having to rush to office on Monday morning, got stuck in traffic jam, then have meeting at 8.30, oh and have to fake a ceria face in front of my boss too because she can read body language you see.

Oh yea, had my check up last Friday and I am at 17 weeks already. The baby is good, but I did my urine test and then the doctor found out that I've been consuming too much protein. Can I blame the ikan bilis since I eat nasi goreng kampung everyday? Or the telur goreng that I always have to eat every morning?

And then came the weighing part. I actually gained 3kg in the past month! Oh no, pengsan already lah like this. I dread to think what is my weight when I reach 9 month. Please don't let me grow as big as Norjuma when she was pregnant! Aminn..That was downright scary! Well at least Norjuma is gorgeous and have all the money in the world to go back to her current weight, but I'm not, so I'm going to watch my weight and food from now on.

So I guess no more eating chocolates and sweets everyday (now you know where the 3kg comes from), no more nasi goreng kampung - am seriously going back to the plain nasi putih since I found out I can actually eat nasi putih without puking at home and am going to eat lots of fruits instead. Diharap berjayalah if not I dread to think what will happen.

Oh yes, and then konon-kononnya I also plan to do walking exercise twice a week, but takdelah se-extreme when I was not pregnant. I promise I'll listen to my body needs. Hihi. Hopefully the next time I go to check up my weight gain is not more than 2kg.

Nak tau berjaya ke tak, tunggulah bulan depan. Heheh.

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hushuss said...

Intan pregnant? Mmmm...ada post ke sblm ni psal this good news? Baru tau...

Congratulations Intan!

supermummy said...

aah pregnant..ada la kot post seketul dua pasal ni sebelum ni..thank you!

aidie said...

tapi dont forget your vitamins!

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