Thursday, February 11, 2010

Colour madness and that maxi dress

There was this staff of CIMB Damansara Utama who usually wore matching shoes with her baju kurung. I found this fascinating because I have never saw her without matching clothes and shoes. And honestly I am the kind of girl who wear the same shoes over and over again until it is either koyak or rosak and should be thrown away.

Back to the matching thing, I've never really concerned about having matching outfit or tudung or bag or anything. As long as it look right and not out of place, I guess it's fine to play with colours. I usually do 3 colour rules but it's not like every morning I count one by one how many colours I have on today. It's just ingrained in my head I guess.

And I have a purple bag which I bring to work everyday, and yes I wear it with non-purple clothes. And I thought too many purple will make me look like Barney anyway!

Oh yes, I have also bought 2 maxi dress!

This one is a cotton maxi dress which I think will fit me even if I am 9 months along and it's so flowy I heart it!

And this one is a stretchable lycra maxi dress and it fits fine and I might be wearing this one during my cousin's wedding this Sunday. And yes you can see my blossoming tummy right there which is obvious when I wear this dress. Please ignore the messiness at the background though.

p/s: Please vote for me over and over again here at Dell Design Studio Contest ! Thank you and much loveeee :)

4 superstars:

Anasfadilah said...

saya juga adalah jenis pakai satu kasut sampai koyak..tak match pun tak kisah la

p/s::nice maxi dress :)

♥ Ummi Hanie ♥ said...

sy pun same..rasenye x penah pakai match2 nih..mak sy zaman mude2 dulu ade la,tp anaknye ni idakk...kalo kasut itu,kasut itule bantai smeua tempat..haha..ada kite kesah ?? :p

supermummy said...

dila, tu la pasal..mcm saya masalahnya pulak nak pilih kasut tu cerewet sangat..haha

ummi hanie, ahaha takpe yang penting boleh dipakai lagi dan tak koyak pon

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