Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you to Polis DiRaja Malaysia for my first ever summon

I got my driving license at nearly 18 and started driving car 'full time' at 28. Seriously, that was how long it took. I only drive an auto transmission car and haven't touch any manual car since 10 years ago, so I don't think it would be wise to drive a manual car without risking myself or my passenger.

But despite that 10 year lapse, I have successfully got my first saman for speed trap a few weeks ago. Not bad for someone who has not been driving for 10 years, huh?

It's shitty though getting your first speed trap summon. When I first got the Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda envelope, I thought here goes my husband again. He was the one who has a looong list of police summons, I am surprised the police has not arrested him yet. Kehkeh. But then when I think again and check the time and route, it hit me then that it was actually me who was behind the wheel at the time. Tu lah, yang buruk je nak tuduh laki sendiri..hahah. Amek kau!

Thank you Polis DiRaja Malaysia for that nice letter. I am too scared to check the online summons for fear I have collected a few more summons. RM300, yikes! I can pay my Telekom study loan with that money and even buy new shoes or handbag.

So when is the PDRM going to have a big discount slashing all the summons, again?

4 superstars:

Jem said...

Don't worry dear... pay thru myeg.. only RM30 plus RM2 processing fee...


Queenin Murni said...

wah.. laju2 tu nak ke mana? hehe!

supermummy said...

ait...tatau u ada blog pulak..hohoh..wey takkan kena samaan 300, boleh baya 30 ringgit je..biar betull

queenin murni
isk jalan lapang, kita laju je lah..hahah..tgk2 kena saman pulak..sampai hati!

Jem said...

hahahaha... i create jerr blog tu.. about a year ago kot.. ntah.. tapi tak pernah bercerite lagi... dok bercerite dlm hati jer nih... hahaha tak tau lah bila nak start my first entry....

i dah berkali2 dah kena saman dgn polis.. tapi saman parking semuanyer.... i byr kat myeg, byk tu jer i kena..... hahaha..


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