Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you for the A&W waffles. Now I feel better!

I hate the internet in this office. It's really annoying because it keeps blocking blogger and twitter. And I am too lazy to update at home because I usually fell asleep once I reach home. Office is my only hope and now it's all ruin..Oh well, I guess have to find time to blog from home after this lah.

Didcha catch last night's Anugerah Juara Lagu? I don't have anything against Aizat, but I like Yuna, so there. Bunkface is kinda kesian because they sound horrible playing live and I kinda like Faizal Tahir's closing performance. Maybe it's the tongkat that he was holding, maybe because he does not look too well, but he looks and sounds honest.

Anyway weekend was nice. We actually went to A&W near Amcorp Mall, and I know it's only A&W but husband and I used to go there a lot when we were dating! It was Husayn's first time there and we had this:

Oh actually I had the waffles and Husband ate the banana split. It was raining outside and the food was heavenly! Yummy!

Somebody was excited because he got to play with all this kids stuff outside and hey, can you see my tummy there? I was wearing jeans but did not even bother to button it because the jeans was getting tighter! 3 months along and buncit already hey!

This A&W is one of the oldest A&W in PJ I think and has been around since I was little. You can either eat in here, take away, park your car right in front of the outlet and have them serve you in the car or you can just drive thru and best of all it's 24 hours!

I am feeling better now and I actually have the mood to go out instead of hiding under the blanket all day. So that's good I guess though when I go out, I have to sit down every 20 minutes. I can't wait until I totally feel better though!

4 superstars:

pizlimw said...

zaman jahilliah aku dulu, selalu jugak pergi situ.. melepak sampai 3-4 pagi..

Arin said...

waktu kita orang kecik, kalau as gie klinik, sure my parents bawak makan kat a&w nih..konon nya hadiah sebab berani jumpa doktor..

Liza said...

i want waffles tu!!!! sejak dah dok bangi takde can ler nak gi A&W PJ

mariaariffbaby said...

dah lamanya tak makan A&W
tapi p sana just ketagih floot root beer dia


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