Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smelly pet, smelly pet what are they feeding you?

Do you have pets? I don't and don't think am getting any. I am just so lazy anyway my pets will end up dying within one week. I like cats but I don't like the idea of having to take care of cat's litter. Ok now I just realised that the problem is not the pets, the problem is the waste of the pets aka the tahilah. I seriously can only stand cleaning up my kid and future kids poop, thank you very much.

I used to have a tortoise once. It is so small and the whole family love the tortoise. In fact I remember bringing the tortoise around when we were going back to our kampung so it will not die of starvation. But I don't mind the tortoise's waste because it's so tiny and it's easy to remove. And then the tortoise got bigger, it's sort of like the size of my mother's Corelle dinner plate and started biting people's hands and eating all the sayur instead of the usual little tortoise food. My mother placed the tortoise in the tyre cover that you usually see covering tyre at the back of Pajero. And then one day the tortoise ran away. It actually jumped from our house's balcony and my dad found it at the porch. A few days later in ran away again and it has never been found ever since.

My university years is surrounded with pets loving people. I love playing with the pets though because they're kinda cute and that includes kucing parsi even though it has this prominent muka penyek look. Haha. My parents absolutely loathe having pets in the house. Sure, we have cats loitering around behind our house and my dad do buy sardines for them, but entering the house is a big no-no.

The cat behind our house suddenly has magic eyes. Meoww!

Anyway if Husayn want to have his own pets, I won't object but I hope it is limited to tortoise/fish types. Don't think my husband will be too happy if he see a cat sleeping with us on the bed. He's so anal about this cleanliness thing sometimes it drives me nuts because I certainly am not the cleanest people around.

Which makes me wonder how he can stand me, but that's another story.

4 superstars:

Anasfadilah said...

suddenly have magic eyes..

hilarious ok..hahahha

supermummy said...

ni kucing bangsa ultraman.haha

SuperCJ P.I said...

gile takut if terserempak this cat malam2..

Liza said...

i will not allow my kids to have any pets...yelah, mamanyer je yg kena clean up kan

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