Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Photos Friday for my own amusement

Yay it's Friday! And it's going to be an extra long weekend indeed because Monday is Hari Wilayah. But kinda disappointed because Thaipusam this year falls on Saturday which means no holiday. Kenapalah tak hari Ahad ke ataupun hari ni. Urgh. Anyway I will post some random, unseen before photos for this entry, well because I am too lazy to write long long one..Haha.

My cousin, Khyra aka Husayn's auntie. She's only 4 months old and look like sumo wrestler already. Loove pinching her fluffy thighs!

Recognise her tak? Met Deanna Yusof at the Chocolate Fair in Midvalley recently and I absolutely envy her glowing skin! She is so super duper tiny though. By the way, she also sells chocolate now, imported from Switzerland and it tasted oh so heavenly!

Husayn wearing his kopiah during his longer hair days. Tidak tahu kenapakah dia buat mata steam. Haha.

Me in my office lift with my all purple assemble and before you start going "eh perut tak nampak pun!", that pic is waaay before I got pregnant. By the way, I am still wearing that bag, and I am going all green today, with purple bag. Hihi.

And I love this Rare Photos of Famous People compilation.

For some reason I keep staring at Johnny Depp's face in this pic. Cannot wait for the new Pirates of the Carribean movie!

And this is Adolf Hitler when he was a baby. Seriously OMG.

Happy Friday beautiful people!

2 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

wah.. tembamnya! ingat kot husayn tadi time kecik2.. hihi :)

supermummy said...

zu, tu la..husayn pon lagi ringan bila didukung compare ngan khyra ni..kehkeh

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