Monday, January 25, 2010

KFC Zinger Tower

I've always love KFC Zinger Burger, but I am so disappointed with the Zinger Tower. I thought the higher it looks, it is suppose taste the better. The hash brown is fine, but the lemon sauce is a big no-no! Or is it my pregnancy taste buds? But really, what do you think? I was disappointed with KFC once when they made that spicy herbal thing. But now when I order Zinger, I have no choice but to be on the receiving end of that horrible lemon sauce.

One Zinger without the lemon sauce please!

4 superstars:

Arin said...

arin suka zinger, tp bila ader hash brown, terus tercancel selera..

Pink dan Biru said...

hi supermummy!
come visit our little shop
see ya!

Nurul said... blog reader :) I also dont like the sos..NEVER! It ruin the taste..huhuh

supermummy said...

oo ya ke..i tak kisah hash brown tu, tapi the sauce tu..tolonglah buang..isk!

pink dan biru
ok will do..thanks for visiting!

salam! thanks for visiting..hehe..tu lah, siapa lah agaknya yang jadi tukang rasa kfc ni..mcm manala boleh approve olahan resipi yang tak sedap macam ni..isk

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