Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year though it's kinda late, but still..

Happy belated New Year!

I know I've been missing for quite a looong time but here I am back again. New Year sucks because Husband was away while Husayn and I went off to JB. JB was ok lah but really, I was in no mood to jalan-jalan anywhere because all I was thinking is lying in bed hiding under the cover because I was cranky and got headaches all the time some more. Haih! And I missed the Nuffnang Friso event too, not that I got any invitation pun because I did not send any entries since I know I was going to be away from KL that time anyway. But been lurking around the blogs and found out the owner of Mom Bloggers Planet won the grand prize, so congrats to her!

Anyway here's some laydown on my 2010 so far and why it mostly still sucks.

1. Husayn and I were away from Husband for 7 days and that was the longest for me. Ok I know some of you have Husband working far away and will probably say "eleh baru 7 hari..", but that 7 days make me realise I've been depending too much on Husband. Seriously siapa nak layan mengada ngada ibu mengandung nak makan inilah itu lah. Heheh.

2. I went to JB with my parents and Husayn and we went to Danga Bay at 11am on New Years' Day. Panas gila dan tak de orang jual air langsung! Lesson learnt: next time if so happen want to go to Danga Bay, go there during the night. Can see the colourful lampu, see how meriah the gerai around Danga Bay and all the sampah sarap will be hidden.

Husayn @ Danga Bay

3. My face is still experiencing its worst breakout ever, but things are getting better though. Most irritating thing is to go around and people will ask "eh muka tu kenapa". I was seriously considering plastering my face with something or maybe start wearing purdah. Heheh. Thank goodness for concealer and Himalaya face wash.

4. Speaking about concealer, in my rush to buy one the other day at Guardian, I ended up buying the Maybelline Perfect Concealer in Beige when I should have buy the Natural Beige one. What a waste of money. Siapa nak concealer percuma bolehlah message, tapi dah terguna sekali la. Lepas tu muka jadi macam opera cina sebab muka tak berapa nak putih tapi pakai concealer untuk orang kulit cerah. Hihihi.

5. I just bought The Time Traveler's Wife DVD but still haven't got the time to watch it. Is this movie any good? And I am counting the days until Alice in Wonderland come out in the theatres. Always heart Johnny Depp and I always love the quirkiness that is Tim Burton. For the time being, I'll just be content and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over and over again.

6. Oh and did I tell you my office has just successfully blocked Twitter? I found it hard to believe when the Prime Minister himself is using Twitter and Facebook, while this government office is blocking all this social media thing. It sucks, maybe I should hire Namewee to do a rap song regarding this. Haha.

Other than that, everything is still the same. I still loathe coming to work and I am so lazy I don't know what got into me. So how's your new year so far?

4 superstars:

pizlimw said...

aku suka point yang kau cakap PM ada facebook twitter tapi government office block.. Tak maju and teknologi oriented langsung.. Haha..

(tapi seriously dengan teknologi nila aku banyak buang masa hahaha)

Arin said...

at last...ader gak update!:)

Liza said...

i pun many people ckp mengada i.e. can't be away from my husband, sampai tak leh tidur sometimes...so mengada kan?

supermummy said...

hahaha..tu la..aku teringat dulu zaman di universiti asyik berym je. bangun tido tak cuci muka terus ke pc, chatting kat ym..hahaha

hahaha..tu la..susah gila nak updet..

haha..takpe nampaknya samalah kita..tapi nasib baik jugak ada anak ni. kuranglah sikit i punya mengada..hahah..

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