Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day 1 Malaysia unites through #yorais and made it to Twitter Top Trending Topics

Twitter is blocked at my office, so when I logged in and saw the top trending topics was #yorais, and sooo many people in my Twitter is #yorais-ing here and there, I was baffled. What on earth is #yorais? And then, I got my answer..

I Twitter and Facebook everyday and I don't see how Twitter and Facebook will turn me into an immoral person. I mean it's not like I upload a naked picture of myself in Facebook or something (haha..gila ke apa). They always blame the Western culture but seriously have they look at themselves? Since they cannot control the internet, they started to be really afraid of it, blaming everything on Western culture (been hearing about how bad western culture is since I was a little girl, so please shut up already) They are talking like the rakyat is a bunch of little kids who don't know what's wrong and what's right. Seriously, have they heard of the word moderation?

Oh my, and then to have the whole Malaysia and now the whole world making fun of his statement is kinda embarassing I guess. Even The Star could not resist but jump into the #yorais bandwagon:

"Among the tweets were, “Rais is so ancient, Parameswara asked him for directions,” “Rais is so ancient, he knew Burger King when it was still a prince,” and “Rais is so ancient, he is on a first name basis with the pharoahs.”

Many of the others are not fit for print."

Read the whole article here.

I was laughing until tears nearly come out.

Don't have the heart to paste the rest of the tweets but you can read it all here

Well, at least a Malaysian has made it into Twitter top trending topics. Ingat senang kah? Congratulations 1 Malaysia! This is soo another achievement *clap*clap*

Oh and this article 8 things, besides the internet, that bukan budaya kita is hillarious with loads of sarcasm of course. Go read it now.

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Zuhaini said...

oh.. tu lah. ada dgr2 gak.. tapi saya pun tak paham apa Yorais tu..

precious innocent said...

ckp western culture nie buruk, tp x sedar diri dia pun product dr sana.. huhu...

check out his education here

-mama emma®-

Hanz said...

macam2...sib baik opis tak block apa2...

mariaariffbaby said...

ntah apa2 ntah la kan

mana2 culture pun..ada -ve and +ve

my office dha start block gak..
but all of us using Broadband..easy ma

Liza said...

ada twitter or takde twitter ke sama je, kalau dah memang malas, tak guna ler jugal

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