Friday, January 15, 2010

Blow Up! your way to the outer space

Got iPhone but don't know which game to download? Well, I got one for you..

It's called Blow Up! and the unique thing about this game is instead of using your fingers to play the game, you need to blow into the microphone.

And if you have kids and have been searching high and low for the suitable game for your kids to play, then Blow Up! is certainly for you! The graphics are absolutely colourful and your kids could also learn the names of the planets. Honestly, even I myself sucks at naming the planet - well except for Earth and Mars, I kinda have "forgotten" what is the names of the other planets. So this game helps a lot in refreshing my totally rusty memory.

So what's there to blow? All you have to do is blow the balloon up in the outer space by blowing it into the microphone and try to get from Earth to Pluto as fast as you can and oh ya, you also need to prevent the balloon from popping. Can you imagine the face of your friends when you manage to blow the balloon so gently to Pluto? They surely will be green with envy and try to take your iPhone away and see if they can beat you!

Sounds easy? You can download the game here at iTunes for only USD $0.99 which is sooo cheap considering all the fun that you will have by blowing the balloon away.

Now, I wish I have my own iPhone to download this game. Anybody would like to donate one, you know where to reach me :)

2 superstars:

chuopa said...

sama cam adam nyer final project DM dulu. kalau adam commercialize project dia dah kaya agaknya. ehhehe

supermummy said...

ya ke? haha aku tiba2 teringat final year project dulu yang selalu takut gila time presentation. aku rasa walaupun aku kerja tak penah aku rasa ketakutan yang sama macam masa buat final year project presentation..hahah

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