Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pregnancy bitching is necessary to keep the stress away

There are 2 things that I kinda loathe while pregnant. #1, the first 3 months which is kinda horrible with sickness that I don't even kow how to describe. #2, giving birth. Why can't the baby just popped out of anywhere, just like the story we invented when a 5 year old kid ask "how do babies come out?" I know this blog is turning more and more like a pregnancy blog with my pregnancy rantings but please bear with me, I need to vent out my tiredness and frustration. And I noticed a few changes with myself too! I'm kinda..

1. at war with pimples and acnes on my face. I don't know why maybe the hormones has gone haywire but pregnancy has turn me into a pizza face freak. The weird thing is I just don't care and sometimes I even purposely missed out on putting the ubat on my face.

2. i think before hand on what should I or should not eat. Everything that I like seem to have taste like sand paper on my tongue. Hey I think maybe I should do a listing on what should I eat and what should be avoided. I cannot eat plain rice with lauk because it tastes so horrible I always want to puke. But I can eat nasi goreng provided it come with sambal yang pedas. I avoid dairy especially milk because it taste so stale. And I actually live by eating cereal with milk every morning for my breakfast before. I avoid tea, nescafe and coffee like plague. All this food preferences are driving me nuts!

3. i'm so good at smelling things it annoys me. I don't wear perfume anymore because I can't stand the smell, but tolong sikit I wear deodorant. Haha. I don't even like the smell of freshly washed laundry because I will get headache. I cannot even stand my son's Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, so if I am the one who dress him, I will skip on the lotion. Sometimes I take a bath without any shower creme because I can't stand the smell. If I go into a restaurant, most of the time I will hold my breath as often as I can. The smell of freshly cooked nasi is really horrible, so does fried fish and fried chicken.

4. i get pissed off easily. I just shouted at my son yesterday and I feel kinda horrible because I sound like a dragon with flaring nostrils but then my son just ignored me and continue to lie down while playing with his dirty shoes with infuriated me even more which then got me thinking again "tak makan saman langsung anak aku ni, tensennyaaa!"

5. i'm so malas i feel like lying down with blankets surrounding me everyday. I will spend my weekend under the blanket and thank goodness I live with my parents because they usually look after my son while I am off being a lazy pregnant mother. My room looks like it has been hit by a storm and sometimes I feel little bit guilty for not organising stuff but most of the time I just don't care. And oh yes, let's not forget that somehow I always don't update this blog anymore. Heheh.

Honestly, no wonder Husayn is so cerewet and garang - it's all coming back to me now. I wonder how the little one inside me will turn out. Please let it be all sweet and lovely and a girl would be nice!

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mariaariffbaby said...

but bukan dibuat2 kan

its terms of 'pembawakan budak'


pizlimw said...


precious innocent said...

kepingin gegirl nampak? :P

-mama emma®-

Hanz said...

Hang on there, Intan.Pahala sumer tu! :>

supermummy said...

aah, lagipun takkan terfikir nak buat2 tak suka makanan yang sedap2..sekarang semua yg tak sedap rasa tak sedap...huwaaa

apa sengih sengih..haha

aah nak sangat gegirl! tapi kalau dah ditakdirkan boy terima jugak..yg penting baby sihat!

aah la betul..banyak sangat komplen terlupa pahala ni..ahaha..teruk betul

Liza said...

as for me, I don't mind the pregnancy and the delivery, it's the confinement yg i cannot tahan!

yatie chomeyl said...

mintak2 dapat girl as u wish ;)

hushuss said...

Intan, I masa pregnant pon mcm u....erghhh..itu takleh bau, ini takleh bau. berbulan mandi tak paaki sabun, perfume apatah lagi kan....

sgt2 sengsara kan, Intan. I paham...ehehheh

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